You Don't Have To Be Dumb, You Don't Have To Be Dead

There is evil in this world, and trauma, and hardship, and trouble, my friends. There is sickness and death and heartache and a lack of love, a severe lack of love. It's seeped into us, it's ingrained... Please stop, just for a second, and listen, folks. Stop hurrying to wherever you're hurrying to and stop, and think, and listen. Whatever it is, it's not as important as salvation. It's not as important as release.

I know people so down, so down that their souls just don't work anymore. They don't work. You've seen them. You can see it in their faces. They just don't have a reason to get up in the morning. Perhaps you are one of these people.

My friends, you can be cared for. You can be safe. There is trouble in the world, but there is a balm for it. This cure has been there all along, with you every day, ready to help, ready to listen, ready to be leaned upon.

It is the magical fairybeast Oloth.

The magical fairybeast Oloth loves you. He watches you every second of every day from an invisible perch just five meters to the left of your head. And I know you say, now, Rufus, that's crazy. That's the craziest thing I've heard. How can he be over my head and her head at the same time? But listen. Just listen. He's everywhere at once. He's all places. He surrounds and supports us, all living things, through what I believe is called insubstantial transference.

And he's watching over you right now.

Oloth has five paw-tails, extending from his mane, with luminous ends. As he hovers and waits -- waits for you, I might add -- these paw-tails move, extending and rescinding, touching things he's interested in, investigating the hearts of his subjects.

But, and here is what you must know:

He oozes a special slime -- a slime that, when tasted, is the sweetest, sweetest ambrosia. You do not know until you have tasted it! Ohh, that slime! That slime! How can you not have tasted that slime? How do you sit there going about your daily lives when you have not touched it? That slime which is life, energy to all that it touches?

Your life is a mire of wanting, you get up and you want what you do not have, you go to bed in the evening wanting what you do not have, a creature of doubt, a creature of self-inflicted pain -- and yet you turn away from the one thing that could help you, that could save you from all that misery and doubt?

Why do you not look at Oloth? Oloth looks at you. He is waiting for you, five meters up and to the left, on his perch! People! Stop! Stop and look!

Your life is being wasted. It is spilling out at your feet and you walk on by like nothing is happening. Like you don't hear me. You hear me, and you know it.

The magical fairybeast Oloth is waiting.

Special thanks to our guest editorialist, Street Preacher Rufus Manson Einstein III. Philadelphia readers can hear more of his thoughts near the zoo, on that one sidewalk under the bridge.

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