Seven iPhone App Ideas Guaranteed To Make You Rich And Sexy (Page 2)

Pictured: Wisdom of the Third Reich: The Official App

3.) Wisdom of the Third Reich: Official App

According to, more people are interested in Nazis now than at any other point in history (except for like once). Capitalize on this hip new fad by crafting an app that delivers users a daily inspirational quotation from the Third Reich. Bonus: you will single-handedly give new meaning to the term "iPhone Nazi", presuming that it exists.

Suggested Price:
1,000 Reichsmark

Difficulty To Make Without Ending Up On An FBI Surveillance List:
Almost impossible

Pictured: iKill Myself

4.) iKill Myself

One day, Apple may build suicide-inducing capabilities right into the iPhone, perhaps by allowing it to run Windows Mobile. Until then, this app can provide the same service by giving the user a careful set of instructions on how to charge up the iPhone, then ingest it. If it's anything like the iPhone's smooth user experience, the resulting death from battery acid and other toxins should be relatively painless.

Suggested Price:
$15 (payable through user's next of kin)

Difficulty To Make:
Easy (app tester required)

Pictured: Please Taze Him, Bro

5.) Please Tase Him, Bro

If the internet and the latest television and movies are anything to go by, getting shocked by a taser is hilarious, both for the taser and the tasee (eventually, when enough time goes by that they can laugh at the whole thing). Anyone who uses this app to deliver the prankster-recommended 50,000 volts to a friend will be well on their way to being a true internet comedian. Bonus: the friend may be acting totally annoying and deserve a tase, anyway.

Suggested Price:
Free ($1,200 taser attachment not included)

Difficulty To Make:
Super easy, just look at a real taser and do that.

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