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Pictured: do you remember Borat?

Warning: spoiler alert ahead!

Apparently, the guy who plays Bruno in this hilarious new movie about a man who is actually gay is the same person who played Borat, a character in a similar movie about a crazy guy coming to America made like 15 years ago! I haven't been this shocked since learning that John Connor in "Terminator: Salvation" and Batman in "The Dark Knight" from years back are both Christian Bale.

Speaking of Christian Bale, do you remember that video of him that leaked out? It was the one where he was yelling at that poor lighting guy. At first, I was very upset that he would do something like that, but then he apologized, and I thought, "You know what? That's a stand-up thing to do, Christian Bale. I'm glad the online community made you a better person."

So far, the online community seems to be excited about "Bruno". In fact, it's listed as a trending topic on Twitter! He hasn't overcome Michael Jackson yet, but let's be fair: Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, whereas Bruno is only maybe the King of Cock. LOL!

I can understand why people are looking forward to Bruno. He gets a bunch of rednecks and Army guys to show how much they actually hate gay people! It's kind of like in that old classic movie "American Beauty", where the entire point was that people who hate gay people are usually gay themselves. Anyway, if you're like a lot of people, you will find it hilarious to watch the idiots in Bruno, and laugh at them being ignorant. And if not, you can always laugh at Bruno doing stereotypically gay things.

Bruno should do a movie where he is an anti-gun activist, but then he goes to a National Rifle Association convention! Man, those guys would be so pissed! I wonder if they would actually try and shoot him? Probably! Those guys are crazy -- you can tell by movies like the sequel to Bruno, when it comes out.

Anyway, checking the internet again, it seems like some people are starting to get tired of hearing about Bruno. I just saw one guy saying that he isn't even interested in seeing it now, so I wouldn't be surprised if a big part of the online audience sat this one out. We're all going to want to bone up on our Bruno impressions so we can make our friends laugh for the next eight months or so, but we can always just get the highlights by watching videos on our cell phones.

Wait, I just thought of something: what if you watched Bruno clips on your cell phone...while watching Bruno in the movie theater? That would be hilarious! And then everyone sitting around you would be like, "Hey asshole, can you put your fucking phone away for two fucking hours at a time?" And you'd be like "Oh, fabulous!" or whatever Bruno's catchphrase is going to be. That would show just how ignorant a lot of people who see movies really are.

You know what? Now that we're talking about potential catchphrases, I feel like I can sense the excitement level for this movie rising again, although I'll have to check what's most popular on Google News to be sure. Oh, wait, no -- here's Harry Potter, ahead of Bruno. That's the new thing, it's coming out next week and I heard it's going to be awesome. I guess one or two people already know what it's going to be like because they read the book adaptation, but for the rest of us who have only watched all the different theatrical trailers online, and watched clips and interviews with the stars on YouTube, it should be pretty surprising. I'm guessing there's at least 35 minutes of the movie I've never even seen.

Okay, I just made a new post on Twitter: 'Neone think Bruno will be good???' This ought to give us a good picture of exactly how good this movie will be. If you're not on Twitter, I suggest you hurry up and change that, pronto, before we're not even talking about this anymore.

Overall Rating: Check Twitter or Facebook

Thanks to our guest reviewer, IceCoolSteve227. He is 17 years old and has had his blog, "Steve's Whatever Blog", featured on CNN over 600 times.

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