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When I heard that Clint Eastwood had a new movie coming out, the idea of seeing it in the theater filled me with a deep scowl. I knew that since Clint Eastwood is a senior citizen, many of my fellow moviegoers would be, too. It was a sure bet that they would loudly explain to one another what was happening on screen, helpfully yelling things like "THAT IS HIS PRIEST" and "THOSE GUYS WILL GO TO JAIL".

Even so, I decided to press on and attend a showing of Gran Torino. Two things happened: 1) elderly people surrounded me, and helped me realize what it would be like to be blind and have somebody scream the movie's plot points to me, and 2) I realized that Gran Torino could be the start of the greatest six or seven movies of our lifetimes.

Don't get me wrong -- the first one was okay. It definitely helps to set up the sequels. Clint Eastwood is a bad ass who owns a muscle car, and isn't afraid to say one-liners to minorities and elitist jerks who get in his way. Think about it: what other recent movie series began this way, and eventually earned its crown as the best film series of the new millennium? That's right: Fast And The Furious. In fact, this movie could have been a new entry in that series (Fast And The Furious: 2hot, 2orino), and it still would have made a lot of sense. They just would have needed to put in a few races.

But now that the first Gran Torino is over and done with, it's time to look towards the sequels. I have included a brief breakdown below of what each sequel might be about:

I'm no Hollywood writer, but I'm pretty sure that any one of these ideas would be a great direction to take this hot new franchise in. Clint Eastwood has finally succeeded in making a movie that people who aren't art snobs or 45 year-old women care about, and now, he has to run with it. My guess? He'll come up with something we haven't even thought of yet, like a crossover movie with Jason Statham reprising his role from The Transporter.

Overall Rating: A+ (multiply pluses by eventual number of sequels)

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