The Best Of Spam: Where was the minty vibrator?

From: quattrocchi goldfeld
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 1:43 AM
Subject: Hey

check this out! super human window! Got atom?

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the insect doesn't enjoy impregnating the strange roller blade shot glass plus web site equals toilet
Where was the minty vibrator? within the toothpick? you are a sticky bitch!

We reduce interest charges

holy buh! Someone is crapping on the porn!
Where am the weak glass? within the trailer? beside the fancy porn lies a drunken doctor
I wonder if the hat was half melted

Analysis: We had a hard time believing this one was real, as it was so unbelievably ridiculous and hilarious. But after a bit of checking around, we can confirm to the best of our knowledge that yes, this is real, actual spam. Good times.

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