The Best Of Spam: Janet Jackson Satanic Sex Cult

From: satan busters
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 4:20 PM
Subject: janet Jackson Satanic Sex Cult Links

For Immediate Release
February 9, 2004

Janet Jackson Satanic Sex Cult Conspiracy

On February 1st, as an estimated 130 million unsuspecting Americans tuned in, the Super Bowl half-time show was turned into a perverted Pagan burlesque show. Janet Jackson’s X-Rated spectacle is being dismissed as a publicity stunt, but the close examination of the facts reveals something far more sinister.

Super Bowl Sunday, February 1st, was also the traditional Pagan/Satanic holiday of Candlemass or Imboloc. The rites traditionally called for young women to parade around town naked invoking the spirit of Pagan saint Brighid or Brigit (pronounced BREE) in an effort to bring on lactation in farm animals. Brigit was also revered as the goddess of spring and represented by the sun. A close examination of the footage shows a bare breasted Janet Jackson with a strange sun ornament piercing her nipple, both clear references to this Satanic Occult ceremony. The public outcry seems to have largely missed the point. This act was not just about SEX, it was about SATANISM.

The Jackson family has a lengthy history of bizarre occult activities. These are frequently followed by public apologies, but only after the damage is done. The first evidence emerged as the tremendous success of brother Michael Jackson’s Thriller was overshadowed by controversies surrounding the video of the title track. The Satanic mélange of occult imagery was so explicit that he issued the following disclaimer before each screening "Due to my strong personal convictions I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult." In April of 2003, Vanity Fair Magazine revealed that Michael Jackson does indeed believe in the occult and had paid $150,000 dollars to have a death curse put on filmmaker Steven Spielberg and 23 others. As part of the diabolical ceremony, 42 cows were slaughtered and Jackson bathed in the blood. This awful animal sacrifice was immortalized in the singer’s hit song “Blood on the Dance Floor.” His troubles have continued with persistent allegations of ritualistic child molestation for which he is currently standing trial. Sister Latoya bravely broke ranks and revealed that the whole family had been abused by their father but has since gone back to the cabal and currently heads up Latoya Jackson’s Psychic Network.

There are millions of practioners of Satanism worldwide. Estimates vary, but it has been suggested that as many as 60,000 people every year are victims of ritualistic satanic murder. With millions of records sold and millions of young minds corrupted, are the Jackson Family America’s foremost purveyors of Satanism? Is the Prince of Pop closely aligned with the Prince of Darkness? Was Janet Jackson’s halftime show the most highly rated Black Mass in history? The facts speak for themselves.

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Analysis: Aside from the obvious fact that it's hard to believe that Janet Jackson bared her breast to the world as some kind of satanic plot, we looked up the lyrics to "Blood on the Dance Floor" and found that there is no mention or indication of animals being slaughtered anywhere in the song. But hey, who cares? It's much more interesting and conducive to our beliefs to assert that the Super Bowl halftime show was a "Black Mass"!

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