Leaving A Class/Meeting Early: What Can YOU Do?

Sometimes, a class or a business meeting you’re in can run more than five minutes, becoming boring and silly for you. So why wait for it to be “officially” over? Just use this handy list of excuses to get out early and go do something better.

- Say, “I have cancer,” and leave the room
People have a lot of sympathy for people with diseases, especially cancer. If you really do have cancer, don’t worry - you can still use this excuse.

- Place your hand over your eyes and leave
This takes advantage of the age-old law of physics that states if you can’t see someone, they can’t see you.

- Hold cell phone to ear and say, “I’ll be there immediately, Mr. President!”
If you do not own a cell phone, arrange your hands so that it appears as though you are holding one.

- Say, “I am leaving now,” and leave the room
Sometimes a direct approach is most effective.

- Replace self with elaborate robotic dummy
Your robot should be sophisticated enough to answer simple questions from your teacher or administrator, but not so advanced that it will try to kill you and assume your identity.

- Blow train whistle and shout, “Yabba dabba do!”
This indicates that the day is over. When leaving, be sure to run in place for a few seconds while a humourous sound effect plays, indicating that your legs spinning, but are not getting you anywhere.

- Begin urinating on desk, others
If you are unwanted in your class or meeting, you will be permitted - and in some cases, even forced - to leave.

- Watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The hilarious tale of three kids getting a day off from school will not only give you ideas about how to leave your class or meeting, but also instruct you on how to spend your day. Caution: at some point, your friend will go nuts and ruin his dad’s expensive car. Relax and concentrate on singing a song in the parade.

- Realize that it’s all a dream and wake up
If the meeting or class is not actually a dream, go to sleep until it is.

- Kill self
After your body is removed from the room, wake up and enjoy the rest of your day.

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