Yahoo User Movie Reviews: A Lot Like Love

Film Synopsis:
Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet almost fall in love, but then don't. This happens like eight times in the movie. Will they finally get together in the end? We're not sure, but we have a feeling that this romantic comedy will end as predictably badly as Yahoo users' responses to romantic comedies.

Behind the scenes in Hollywood

by phantomexplorer Apr 23, 2005
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What you hardly ever hear about is how actors get hired on movies that aren't big stars or related to producers. I found out on ****.com and ****.com that CDs demand large bribes even for union extra jobs and honest actors can't make their health benefits due to this corruption, while holding down other jobs. Not a pretty picture like the facade of these movies.

Josh: Take that, citizens of the 1950s: Hollywood isn't as perfect and wonderful as you think it is!

a lot like love

by d4b1barnes Apr 23, 2005

this is a very good movie because it is a very good movie and i have not seen it yet. i think it is good because it has ashton kutcher in it

George W. Bush: Exactly, that's what I was trying to tell them about this Bolton guy! "He's good because he's good!" I said. I like Ashton Kutcher, too. Funny fella. I'll get him up on the Supreme Court and he can put his willy in a pie.

it was soo cute!!

by rain90712 Apr 24, 2005

i think this movie was awsome!!!..its one of those girleee movies that you only see with your friends that are girls..for the people that are hating...there just jealous because they arnt in the movie...

Josh: Ooh, a new one for the list:

Yahoo Users Present: Reasons Why Haters Hate Movies They Hate

  1. They are hating
  2. They could not make a better movie themselves
  3. They are the opposite race of the movie's protagonist/director/random extra and are therefore racist
  4. They are jealous of something
  5. They aren't in the movie

This movie was so funckin funny i peed my pants

by asdegfdd Apr 22, 2005

It was cool!!!!!!!Nad i like it alot with my girl friend even though we made out hte whole time hahahahahahahahaha

Josh: Someone who has time to watch a movie, make out with their girlfriend, and urinate themselves is certainly an enterprising young human being, as well as one who will likely develop some socially unacceptable fetishes later on in life.

*****ing Unbelievely Good!

by jurai_shrine Apr 22, 2005

This is one of my favorite movies. I saw this with my gf and it *****in blew my mind! people say it sucks, but they just are nothing but critics. This was the first time I've ever heard someone clap in the theater because the movie was so good! SEE IT! IT'S WORTH THE MONEY!

Josh: Hang on a sec:

Yahoo Users Present: New Reasons Why Haters Hate Movies They Hate:

  1. They are nothing but critics


by womenarelikecheese Apr 22, 2005
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This is the worst movie ever! I hate butcher kutcher. Peet's feet stink! I wanted to say more than "you suck" at Ashton's singing but the sensors would not let me!

Josh: I can see why they wouldn't -- you hurl some pretty harsh insults!

Ashton Kutcher: How did he know that I butchered those hobos?

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