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Colin Farrell plays Alexander the Great, a guy from history who thought he had everything, until he realized that the one thing he didn't have...was himself. Fortunately, most Yahoo users are history experts, so you really don't even need to see the movie.

From a true Greece Macedonian!!

by stamdd Nov 25, 2004
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I am and was born from Thessaloniki, Macedonia(the one and only not FYROM!),Greece and so i am a decedent of Alexander The Great but i will not go see this movie because its full of crap and historical errors!! What do you expect from an American story-teller such as O.Stone??

Josh: Yeah! And on that note, who the hell do [insert country besides America] think they are, making a movie that has to do with America? I'm a true American, damn it, and I refuse to see it because it undoubtedly is fraught with errors.

This is a GAY Movie made for GAY people

by sxlam Nov 25, 2004
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Wasted my $$ big time. Worst movie I've seen in my life. This movie has a Gay agenda. No plot. No direction. Hollywood-made up history. Too many gay sceens for my taste.

Josh: Sure, but what I want to know is: does this movie have gay people in it?


by spooks862002 Nov 24, 2004
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I havent' seen the movie, but it comes out soon. Since i don't have to pay to see it because i work part time at a movie threatre, i will see it.


A true story about the time!

by yousef_dp Nov 28, 2004
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watch was one of the truest story that ive ever seen about the history of the world.ur gonna satisfy with watching it;)

Josh: Uh...are you gay?

Alexander Is GREAT

by Arcturus10 Dec 3, 2004
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One of the most momentous epics ever made. Why are the critics slamming this film? Because it bursts with seering truth that many people cannot fathom.

Roger Ebert: I can't handle the seering truth. :(

Why did they ever need critic's anyway?

by zmuslimah Nov 24, 2004
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You know,

There is lots of talk about this movie; before the movie was even in the makings. I can say I am speaking before seeing the movie, and just knowing the era of time of which this movie was recreated, I know that it is truly a masterpiece making.

I cannot wait to see the movie, I thought the previews were done with style and persentation of "A" the Great. One thing I want to know is, why is there so much hating going on about this movie? Can someone tell me! Don't you know how much effort directors take before making a movie like this and others worth billions of dollars in filming alone!

Well, I'm here to tell you, it takes plenty of research and planing before the tape gets rolling and it hits the theaters. Stop hating, and give this movie some love; if not for the acting alone. Not to mention costuming, location which was morocco, one of the most exotic lands, and direction from "Oliver Stone". I mean, talk about "ungreatful" (smile).

Anyway, everyone give these peaople a clapping hand:(Starring)Colin Farrell(Alexander the great),Jared Leto(Hephaestion), Angelina Jolie (Olympias)these main characters were brilliant... So on this note don't cheat yourself by not seeing this movie, "go and get your ticket"

Josh: I agree -- these "ungreatful" people don't realize that making a movie takes a lot of time and effort, and gosh darn it, that's good enough! I didn't see the movie either, but like you, I think I'll give it an "A" for effort!

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