Yahoo User Movie Reviews: Brokeback Mountain

Film Synopsis:
This movie is about gay cowboys. It's like it was completely custom made for the highest possible grade of Yahoo User Movie Reviews.

im gay

by gayisfungay Dec 14, 2005
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but i think this movie is horrible!!!! ARghh! It reinforces the idea that gays have no morals. These characters lie and cheat. It makes it look like that is the way all gays are! And it makes me sick!!

Josh: I feel the same way about movies with straight people who have no morals! When will Hollywood learn not to portray anyone in a bad light?

Gay Cowboy Love Story - Worst Movie of the Year!

by desktoptb Dec 30, 2005
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The worst movie of 2005. The story of 2 gay cowboys and making it a love story is a laugh. There is nothing unique or original about this movie.

Josh: I agree, there really wasn't anything in this movie to set it apart from the hundreds of other gay cowboy love stories Hollywood puts out every year.

total trash

by bupa222 Jan 19, 2006
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What's with hollywood with gay this and gay that!!! Is Hollywood full of gays and les???? Hollywood should be Homowood!!! I am sorry, but I was DISGUSTED at this movie. Not to mention, golden globe awards!!! Come on HOMOs!!! golden globe award was more like a gay parade...

Josh: It goes deeper than you realize. Practically every movie Homowood (haha, good one) releases is advocating homosexuality. Take a look at some of what else is in theaters right now besides Brokegayhomoback Mountain:

I will NEVER watch this stupid gay movie

by markcrawford27 Jan 20, 2006
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What is this world coming to. I'm sick and tired of society trying to make homos acceptable. I've never watched it and never will, but I've heard about how sick this movie is.

Josh: It's okay, you know. You can come out now. I think the guy from the last review would really enjoy helping you.

2 Thumbs down

by vettworx Jan 20, 2006

Will there be no end to the heterophobia in Hollywood?

Josh: It's like, just once I'd like to see a romantic comedy with two straight people.

Yahoo is Censoring Bad Reviews

by rccreswell Jan 20, 2006
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I encourage anyone experiencing the removal of their bad reviews to contact their local press and inform them of Yahoo policy of deleting dissenting reviews. This policy is in violation of the first ammendment and Yahoo should be made to suffer the consequences.

Josh: That was nice of them to at least leave up your encouragement of legal action against them.

award this?

by filmz4 Jan 21, 2006
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shure fire method of academy recognition... make a movie that's about a gay or a retarded person. i guess i'll make a movie about a gay retard and win every award. hollywood sucks the same thing that this movie does.

Josh: Movies in the last 20 years that have focused primarily on a gay or mentally retarded person and won "Best Picture" at the Oscars: 1 (Rain Man, using a loose definition of "retarded")

Movies in the last 20 years that have focused primarily on a gay or mentally retarded person and won "every award" at the Oscars: 0

filmz4: i am stupid

[Fun post-mortem on this one: although Brokeback Mountain went on to win three Academy Awards that year, Best Picture was not one of them. - Ed.]

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