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It's Christmastime, and Tim Allen and his wacky family are doing their darndest to celebrate the season their own way, for cryin' out loud! But some "professional" critics want to rain on the holiday parade, and our Yahoo critics are not pleased.

So heartwarming and funny.

by Orgy_84_98 Nov 24, 2004
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The Critics need to check there heart monitor. I don't think it is functioning properly, either you guys were having heartattacks or just plain out of it. The move "Christmas with the Kranks" Is a great movie. Jamie Lee Curtis shines and Tim Allen is hilarious. Don't listen to the critics go see this movie, you will glad you did.

Roger Ebert: Oh, what the hell, I'll check my heart God, you're right! I'm having a heart attack! FOUR STARS FOR THE KRANKS!


by zkpr41 Nov 24, 2004
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The movie is a great diversion from the everyday news and politics going on right now. It was nice just to sit and watch something that didn't upset you and or made you on edge. It even makes you think about whether we should just skip the whole hoopla that the holiday has become. Even if it isn't Oscar material we need to have something silly once in a while just for a smile.

Josh: Yes, the holidays certainly have become "hoopla", what with the gift-giving and decorating and all. They just didn't have that stuff 50 years ago, when the holidays were all about loving Jesus and giving all of your money to poor people. That's modern society for you.

Get a Life all you Scrooges......

by jastradal Nov 25, 2004

Yes, this movie is not "Gone with the Wind." But they never set out to make the best movie of all time. Christmas with the Kranks is a small piece of Holiday Fluff that stands on its own merits. I viewed it as a 2 hour diversion away from the everyday hustle and bussle of the season. Having read the book (which was good), I went to the movie and enjoyed this version also. I was amazed in reading some of the reviews that so many people were blasting this film. Roger Ebert's review totally missed the point also. This movie is what it is, no more and no less. So to all you Scrooges who said it was a waste of your money, I say "Humbug to you."

Josh: Actually, they did set out to make the best movie of all time, as most filmmakers do when they begin shooting. But they failed, and that's why all the critics hate it: because every time a critic watches a movie, he or she must immediately compare it to "Gone With The Wind". That's what being a critic is all about!


by audrastilwell Nov 24, 2004


Josh: Hey, yeah! They could have a whole bunch of movies about the Kranks and their hilarious high jinks! Like, they decided not to celebrate Thanksgiving, and then the neighborhood got mad at them! And then they decided not to celebrate Easter, and then the neighborhood got mad at them! UH OH HERE COMES TROUBLE!

people who are rude and have no consideration

by hunny_heather7 Nov 25, 2004

well i would like to say that all you people who rated this movie poorly you need to think about one thing and that is it is hard to make a movie every one likes think about that

Josh: Critics, I hope you're happy. You made everyone offended with your rude, inconsiderate negativity. The filmmakers tried, for God's sake -- isn't that enough for you?!

Cristmas With The Kranks. Movie to see?

by ant_pet_red Nov 26, 2004

This is Anthony the movie critic. Christmas With The Kranks was a pretty alright movie. I thaught the story line was really not that good. The acting was ok. The overall rating was a C+. Tim Allen was really funny in it.

Josh: All right, seriously guys. Settle down. Anthony the movie critic is here.

What happened to Jamie Lee?

by amity15311 Nov 25, 2004

This movie is great for the family outing with kids. We for the first time in a long time heard no swearing or saw any sexual things. Imagine that! My wife and I (48) thought it was a little korny and Jamie lee looked really bad and that went perfectly well with her acting. She looked like she was on something! Anyway have seen far worse(Stepford Wives)and will again,I'm sure. YEA Pres. Bush!

Josh: The President was in this movie? I always thought he was a little like Tim Allen.

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