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Would Adam Sandler choose to rewind any aspect of his life (for example, a bad film that he may have done)? That's what Click aims to answer. Like many masterpieces, however, this one divided the Yahoo critics.

Real life in DC

by neurofiber Jun 23, 2006

'CLick' touches the conscious of every professional, especially in Washington DC, where being success is king.

Dick Cheney: This new Adam Sandler film has really made me think -- maybe we should stop making success king and just spend some time with our families.

George W. Bush: I agree, I don't take nearly enough vacation time.


by yek01us Jun 24, 2006

this movie was very funny and for all the hatters out there u the dumb one cause u just made adam sandlar richer by seeing his movie.

Josh: Haha, take that, hatters! You should've realized you weren't going to like this movie before you went and saw it!

Terrible movie

by eegmit Jun 25, 2006

This movie is NOT for kids (nor adults). The small children are using four-letter words. The family pet is continually having sex with a stuffed duck. If you care about your kids' moral values, do not let them see this movie.

Josh: Boy, given Adam Sandler's track record, that's honestly pretty surprising. It's a shame there's no system in place

Pictured: there is no rating anywhere on this page OH WAIT.

to let us know ahead of time before it's too late, and our kids are swearing and humping the family stuffed duck.

Oops I saw this movie

by dwschmid78 Jun 24, 2006

If you have seen one Adam Sandler movie or movie with any of these boxoffice hit comedians, Jim Carey etc. then you have seen them all.

Josh: That's actually true -- all comedies are really just a remake of W.C. Fields films. Now that you know this, you can still seem them, but the difference is now when you come out you can complain about how they're all the same.

Don't take kids under 15!!

by tmsjp Jun 24, 2006

Lots of unnecessary sexual inuendos. The whole dog thing was ridiculous.

Josh: If you're afraid of your 14 year-old hearing sexual innuendos and seeing a dog trying to initiate sex, you should probably kill yourself before the inevitable stroke-heart attack-ulcer combination does it for you.

Click - Wait for DVD

by don_roberts95746 Jun 23, 2006

Wait for the DVD - Not Sandler's best work. Story line a fairly weak and filled with an inordinate amount of shots of a dog humping a stuffed animal - this got old very fast, supporting the comment - weak storyline.

Josh: Whew! Thanks for the warning. I can't wait for the DVD when all of that will seem funny.

Adam Sandler is a True Legend

by shorttman13 Jun 25, 2006

Well you have to give Adam Sandler a large amount of credit. Not everybody could pull off this role.

Josh: It takes an impressive number of skills to pull off the part of a workaholic father who finds a time-controlling remote, but I'm glad to hear Sandler nails it.

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