Yahoo User Movie Reviews: Coach Carter

Film Synopsis:
You've probably never heard an inspirational story before about a coach who helps a team overcome adversity, but that's exactly what Samuel L. Jackson does in this true-life tale. But is it also about pedophiles, homosexuality, and racism? According to Yahoo's master reviewers: of course!


by daman6873 Jan 18, 2005

this movie would probably be one of the worst movies i have evr seen. any ways my name is jd carbone, i live in kentfield CA. thats down by san fransisco, i live on castro st.. please call me at 461-3268 if u want to get together.

Josh: Hear that, ladies? JD here wants to get together, and his interests include hating Coach Carter! I really think that's all you need to know.


by kicbac99 Jan 14, 2005
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where are the white people? I didnt see any. This movie was completly racist and for anyone who watched it is a racist themselves. I cant believe in this day in age racism can be put into pop culture especially a movie about how white people cant play basketball. Come on people, remeber Barber Shop, Friday, Barber Shop 2, Soul Plane, Next Friday, Boys in da Hood, Catfish in Blackbean sauce, Malcom X...all racist movies. I dont know what the message was, down with whity was all I saw.

Josh: Speaking of racist movies, there wasn't a single main character black guy in American Beauty, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or 2001: A Space Odyssey! HOW FAR WILL YOU GO HOLLYWOOD?!?!


by elementgirl111 Jan 14, 2005

omg that was the worst movie the dude diddnt let them play basket ball until they upped there grades that is sooooooo stupid.

Josh: Education, shmeducation. Some people just want to play basketball, damn it!


by bwtsisthemanplusjerome Jan 14, 2005

i like black people alot. Ashanti and sam jackson are hot, plus the spanish dude, but i dont really like him because he isnt black

Josh: Please hide this from kicbac99.


by yoshi_a_s Jan 15, 2005

this movie was the best movie ever made.Any 1 who doesnt like this movie is should go c this movie if you dont c it u r just like the ppl who dint like your garbage so go c this movie!!!!!

Josh: So if...if I don't see this movie I'm just like the people who didn't...who didn't like my garbage? Who are these people, and what can I do to improve my garbage for them?

nick likes boys

by juicemanw2001 Jan 14, 2005

he likes them a lot a lot a lot a lot a ltoa lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lota lot a lot a lot a lot ya

Josh: Hahaha, Nick! What a faggot.

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