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Film Synopsis:
Keanu Reeves battles demons. Pretty straightforward, but that didn't dissuade the posters at Yahoo frmo making things very complicated indeed.

Very good

by physiclas87 Feb 18, 2005
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Extremely better than the critics are saying about it. Screw Roger Ebert and his horrible reviews. Who listens to that quack anyways?

Roger Ebert: Nobody. Nobody listens to me.

Stop Reading

by marshalpaul Feb 18, 2005
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compare the super powers from the Matrix to this film, like the toys, like the plot, like the whole id of the movie, makes me think demons can actually be walking the earth, sometime we have live outside the box sometimes, I was getting tired of the Matrix this is alot better, when you see people doing bad things think to youself they must be weak and a demon had possessed them, so becareful if u know what Cush-Ma means

Josh: I don't know what Cush-Ma means, so I'll continue being reckless, thank you very much!

Why you must see Constatine

by nadeemyazd (Feb 19, 2005)

#1) It is a cool bad ass movie. #2) If you don't, your GAY.

Elton John: OH SHIT I SAW IT!!


by colin_ackles Feb 19, 2005

This movie was very good and I recommend you go and see people are gay black people are gay black people are gay

Josh: If that were true, how would they reproduce? Your theory is beginning to show weakness!

My Feeling About the Picture

by babydenim82 Feb 19, 2005

I saw the preview to Constantine. I am not able to say exactly what it is all about but just to say that it look very confusing. Just that the story line to me brings a sense of falseless, and not in the manner of hitting reality.

Josh: That's not true, demons are all around us and you should be careful! Cush-Ma!

Use your brains

by Gun_Hill Feb 18, 2005
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If you think that a lot of there people here really did see the movie "think again" The man " the movie companys" use people to flood these sites with good ads to boost tickets sales. So you think that a 9am that everyone saw it at late night release or got the tape from a friend or other reason. so don,t look for the best revire or the most useful one ....and don't go for the one that say A's all the way ****.us your brain

Josh: Don't believe this guy, he was hired by the producers of "Son of the Mask"!

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