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Film Synopsis:
The latest in the "____ Movie" series of films, Date Movie doesn't stray from the formula: it presents you with a series of parodies from other recent movies, but they're not really parodies -- more like "things that happened". Expectedly, many Yahoo viewers were very impressed.

thr write up

by behrlacrosse Feb 18, 2006

this movie was sweet i loved it it was hilarious a athe the the the the the the the the the the thd the eth the th the teh the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

Josh: And with that, my theory that most people on Yahoo Movies are actually malfunctioning robots is confirmed.

dont listen to those people

by odie_3lt_4cr Feb 17, 2006
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like the title says dont listen to those people those people are the people who go to this movie and somhow think its a romance

Josh: I'd say at least half of the people who went to see Date Movie -- which has a widely-running trailer announcing that it's written by some of the staff from Scary Movie and highlights several joke scenes and is called fucking Date Movie -- believed that it was a serious romance.

god its so funny i cried

by datescary Feb 17, 2006

okey hears what its aboute a exatrmaly fat woman gets skinny goes on extrime baclor gets a date to a rest rounte called a restrounte the meet gregs parnts and get the wedding planer. i took from meet the fouckers in the meet the fockers the babies 1st word is a hole in this its beotch. in meet the fockers the dads play football and one gets hurt in this the play basket ball one dad has a hairy chest he goes up for the shoot and his chest hairs rip of on the other dads face

Josh: I cried too, datescary. I cried too.

It needs a new title...

by rodowobo Feb 17, 2006
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How about: The Crappy Movie? Or, The Terrible Movie... The Lame Movie... The Unfunny Movie?

Date Movie writers: You're hired!

One of the worst

by popeunit Feb 18, 2006

If you value your money, time, or credibility as an intelligent moviegoer, don't see this movie.
The plot is hair-thin; it's a series of small skits that are barely tied together with wipes and fades.

Josh: You'd think the writers would've realized the importance of plot for a movie like this. At least by writing this review, you managed to save your pretend credibility.


by tpcshkr75 Feb 17, 2006


nah i'm just kidding. it looks good.

Josh: Haha, whoa, almost had me. You're a good prankster. ;)

I want my money BACK!!

by abhi_shah80 Feb 17, 2006

As the title suggest, I took my boyfriend to see this movie.

Josh: Your boyfriend's name is My Money Back?

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