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Film Synopsis:
Doom was once a video game about a former marine fighting creatures from Hell. Now, it's a movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It's hard to see where this could go wrong, and sure enough, the reviewers of Yahoo were quite taken with the artistic romp.

The Rock as a Marine!

by seniorrascal Oct 21, 2005
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This movie was great. It is an allegory of the Iraq War. The "monsters" are the same as the "terrorists" in Iraq. You have to see this film, and then go join-up for the military to see some real action.

Josh: That kind of reminds me of the allegorical Toy Story, where "Sid" actually represented "poor environmental policies".


by jefry_so7 Oct 21, 2005

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Josh: Seniorrascal, we got ourselves a "monster"!

***** Roger Ebert

by halofanatic55555 Oct 21, 2005
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This guy is a *****en homosexual faggot. He doesn't know how to rate *****en movies. This guy was obviously molested as a child. He should go ***** himself. He gave Doom a D-. You either have to be mentally retarded or just a big monkey *****en faggot to give this even a B-. This guy should just stop criticizing movies and go ***** a *****en monkey because thats the only piece of ass he'll ever *****en get get. ***** *****en faggot ass ***** mother *****en roger ebert, he's a no good ***** piece of ***** son of a bitch.*****.

Josh: I think the worst part about being molested as a child is that it screws up your sense of what a good movie is.


by deluxe_h0 Oct 21, 2005
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best ever. i gore was the best and the guns were awesome. no children and girls should watch this!

A girl: Ewww, guns? Oh well, looks like it's back to the kitchen for me!

Not For Sissies

by sarvagnap Oct 22, 2005

This is the great movie for guys. Not for sissies. You know what im saying. :D so chill out ya all home boyz. and this movie is for gamers not for SISSIES.

Josh: Anybody who still says "sissies" is probably a sissy.

This movie is so cool

by dapunisher61 Oct 22, 2005

doom has the best 3rd person review i had never seen it bette

Josh: I'm glad they did the reviews in third person -- I hate it when movies review themselves.

This movie sucks

by hoop_hard Oct 21, 2005

This is just a cheap rip off of the classic game Doom.

Josh: WHAT?! Those Hollywood jerks!

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