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Film Synopsis:
Jodie Foster falls asleep on a plane, and when she wakes up, she's a lesbian! Also, her daughter is missing, and nobody can remember her! Overall, Yahoo's critics were angry that the movie did not accurately depict Muslims being responsible for everything.

eeewwwwwww !!!

by bubblegum_9yr Sep 23, 2005
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eeew.....that was the most stupidest movie ive seen yet !!!!!!!! why would sum 1 actually make a movie that is THAT bad !!! i mean HEEEELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO !ITS THE GAYEST MOST DUM THING IVE EVER SEEEEEEEEEN !!

Robert Schwentke, Director: In my defense, I did not know it was a gay movie while I was directing it.


by cOoL_sNipe Sep 25, 2005
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flight attendants and air marshals = bad. suspicious muslim passengers = good. let's disgrace and dishonor those who served on the planes during the 9/11 terrorist attacks along with those who continue to serve and protect our air travels. INSTEAD, let's glorify suspicious looking muslims on an airplane.


why is it that since 2001, hollywood is so concerned about being pc with muslims? if hollywood doesn't want to address the issue.. that's one thing, but why go out of their way to make them look good and our heroes look bad?

Josh: Everyone knows that when you see a Muslim on your plane, you're headed for disaster. They should've made a movie about that!

A part from the movie

by doc_myster Sep 25, 2005

As it is so emplied, "a mother will aggressively fight for her child at all cost". This movie depicts this sort of behavior from a woman. However, if a father were to conduct himself in such a manner, would be subjected to prosecution, and receive full extent of the law. The father thus labeled as a dangerous person and probably find himself in prison.

Josh: Why does America hate fathers?

This movie is in denial

by tigerbelle_2 Sep 24, 2005
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This movie plot ends up with the flight attendants and airline personnel guilty. The Muslims on the flight are the innocent guys. Excuse me??!!! What a lie. The reality in real life of course is that flight personnel are having to be vigilant guarding Americans against Muslims. But Hollywood won't admit this truth.

Josh: I would gladly put some of my tax dollars towards the development of some kind of "Muslimdar", so that flight attendents could detect them a lot more easily, and prevent them from boarding the plane.

World's newest airliner looks like scrap heap!

by jzalvarado Sep 23, 2005
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Honestly this movie ruined it for me... The outside of that aircraft looked horrific. Why not a Dreamliner or one of those beautiful new AIRBUSes. Maybe they were trying to add to the dark effect, but c'mon MAKE that airplane look a bit more aesthetic pleasing than a Soviet Era Bomber.

Josh: You'd think they would've paid a real airline company the extra licensing fees and walked through the tricky negotations of a company allowing an airplane of theirs to be depicted in a movie where children get lost and the flight attendants are the bad guys.


by silverjosh2004 Sep 23, 2005
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When I saw the trailer of this movie, It kept me knocking my seatbelts and I wasn’t safe anymore….Watch the trailer before watching this movie and trust me on this one…Its will keep you u interested to this movie every minute… I watched this movie with my girlfriend and she was asking me a lot of questions about the movie during the movie and I told you “SHUT UP”


Josh: Man, your girlfriend sounds like a real bitch.

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