Yahoo User Movie Reviews: Jackass: Number Two

Film Synopsis:
Could one and a half hours of real people intentionally hurting themselves and doing horrible, disgusting things really be good? It must be, because now there's a sequel! Yahoo users seemed appreciative of the concept, but disappointed at the lack of social commentary.

Waiting for JA3!!

by bigbearcabinrainbow Sep 22, 2006
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Modern day 3 stooges, A great reason to go to the movies. Leave the Girlfriend and wife at home!

Josh: Even if your wife or girlfriend thinks she will like this movie, keep her the fuck home. Who the hell is she to say? I have to get around to calling the cable company to get that god damned Lifetime channel blocked, it gives them all kinds of crazy ideas.

Three Stooges without censorship...

by melnebonean Sep 22, 2006
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So what if these guys were sometimes naked and foul mouthed throughout!? Had there been no censorship at the time, combine the Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges (with real hammers), and it would have been very close to Jackass: el numero dos

Josh: I looked it up, and he's right: when The Three Stooges were pretending to get hit with heavy objects, what they actually wanted to do was defecate on camera and drink horse semen.

stop ur girly reviw Chicago Tribune Jessica Reaves

by jatt_bailey_in_cali Sep 23, 2006

stop ur girly reviews jesscia, those are stupid people(jackass team) , they can do wht u cant. who said to you to go any watch the movies and give a freaking review for everyone sitting in the damn theatre with you.


Jackass2 the Greatest Movie Ever for Retards

by shawnplacement Sep 23, 2006

As you all know Jackass2 is a movie of which all children want to copy ff of because they think its fun. all of it is dangerous but i see where the kids are coming from even i would like to try some of the dumb stunts they pull in this movie my son trys to use me and my wife as a stunt dummy so he can pile drive us and stuff of that sort of stuff

Josh: You and your son should make Jackass 3: Even I Would Like To Try Some Of The Dumb Stunts, I See Where The Kids Are Coming From.

it's the best movie in a long time!!

by duhtup Sep 23, 2006

the movie is like having sex with a really hot babe!! if you know what i mean!!!!!!

Josh: Haha, oh yeah, I think I'm gettin' it! ;)

WOW!!! I couldn't stop laughing.....

by firealarm93 Sep 23, 2006
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first i would like to warn everyone about the extreme language (especially during the terrorist skit)

Josh: Hmm, I do like to watch disgusting stunts and people getting hurt, but I'd prefer them to watch their language while they do it, so thanks for the warning.

The funniest movie ever on the silver screen

by dabuda123 Sep 23, 2006

People who say this film is negative and disgusting, have got it all wrong.

Guy: Man, seeing a guy get all kinds of stuff stuck up his ass is pretty disgusting.


Whole audience walked out in silence at the end.

by neowa Sep 23, 2006

Josh: A mark of any movie's failure: people leaving the theater quietly at the end.

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