Yahoo User Movie Reviews: Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Film Synopsis:
A kids' movie that isn't animated, features Jim Carrey, and has some scenes that are less than happy? Forgive our Yahoo critics for wondering what the director was thinking when he brought this monstrosity to life.

Can't stand Jim Carrey So I'm Not Going

by fredhenryetta Dec 18, 2004
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Ohhhhhhhhh how I hate Jim Carrey!!! He is definately a movie star for those easily entertained by someone making the same face over and over and over and over again but with different costumes on. What a clown.

Josh: Someone ought to get him to do a serious movie for once!

ok acting was good visuals story but....

by teamrekencilepaintball Dec 17, 2004
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ok acting was good visuals were good but i just didnt like the way they made it and crap like that. im kinda stoned but w/e i didnt even *****ing see it bitches suck my ***** mofo's!!!

Josh: Whoa, you're kinda stoned right now? That's pretty cool! :)

Depressing -Late for Halloween -Bad for Christmas

by AndyLant Dec 18, 2004

I was so looking forward to this movie. I thought it was going to be full of "heart", hope, happiness after the trama that the kids had to go through. Instead, this was an over acted, badly directed, no story, bad message depressing miserable flick, that was obviously late for Halloween, therefore just to cover the outrageous budget they had to pay these "OVER actors" they released it for the Christmas / Hannukah season, forgetting the spirit of the season and spitting in the viewers face by giving them this CRAP. In short: shameful garbage.

Josh: How can Hollyweird think it's appropriate to release movies not having to do with Christmas around the holidays?


by courtneylewis142005 Dec 18, 2004

i think that this interview is like awesome i give it an A for all of them because it is like so cool. i read the story about it and i want to see it soo bad im just doing this because i want to. i really dont know what an interview is even i dont know what an interview is i'll still write it./

Josh: I know exactly how you feel.


by oldlady_97_04 Dec 17, 2004
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Small doses of Jim Carrey are all this old lady can stomach. He overacts to the point of nausea and seems to be his own biggest fan. Like Robin Williams, Carrey is over the top in almost every movie. This movie is too bleak for kids and far too silly for any thinking adult. This old lady has been viewing movies since talkies began so I am imparting my decades of movie wisdom. I am a retired teacher so this is why my reviews are so well written. To the many Yahoo readers that have e-mailed me with compliments this past year, thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Josh: Maybe I'm mistaken, but you seem to be "older" than many other people, ma'am. Why is this?


by laimisa Dec 17, 2004

The perfict boot!Or not.Or werst.Or you.Or it is the best.It is an amazing world.It is the power,the breth takingavencher ofthe year.

Josh: The perfict boot! I KNEW IT!


by kingovallcreoles Dec 17, 2004

Whats up with hollywood putting out these mass produced, tame, plain kiddy movies and expecting us adults to swallow it and say "Thank YOU?" WAKE UP MAN!...Parents if you want a beddy bye story for your kids this is it, however, if you have your adult teeth and graduated from gradeschool you may want to wait for the aviator!

Josh: I thought the same thing about that Spongebob movie. Throw in some guns or rape scenes for us adults, please!

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