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Film Synopsis:
Shawn Wayans plays a little man -- literally! He is actually a man who is posing as a little baby. How does this technology work? We can only speculate, but the Wayans get a lot of mileage out of it with several shots at humor (i.e., breastfeeding, crotches, etc.). Luckily, most Yahoo users definitely got the joke.

Little on man....big on funny

by huge8008s Jul 14, 2006

You have to watch this movie. It is hard to explain how it works.

Josh: I believe Marlon Wayans took some kind of pill for a while.


by dr_bernstien55 Jul 15, 2006

For the jerkwads that gave this an F or D or C, you just don't know how to watch comedy. Comedies are not meant to have serious plots or stories. They are meant to idiotic, slapstick, and moronic ... that's why it's a comedy!!!! Get serious critics

Josh: I personally won't watch any "comedy" that doesn't have at least three instances of groin damage.

Little man=big laugh dont miss it 4 nothing!

by bowgrit21 Jul 16, 2006

Them people thats downing this movie are just haters, because they didnt have the talent to write sumthing so funni. This movie was funni as Hell regardless of what yall haters think. the Wayne Bros. did it again and yeah I did like WHite chicks to.They having fun and emusing people and they are doing a damn good job. SO the ones thats downing it lets see yall helfas go try and make a movie and see how far u and it go. GOOD BYE and much Luv to Little MAN

Josh: Using a cunning strategy, bowgrit21 attempts to combine a few different laws from the Reasons Why Haters Hate The Movies They Hate list. Let's take another look at it for a refresher:

Yahoo Users Present: Reasons Why Haters Hate Movies They Hate

  1. They are hating
  2. They could not make a better movie themselves
  3. They are the opposite race of the movie's protagonist/director/random extra and are therefore racist
  4. They are jealous of something
  5. They aren't in the movie

He also employs the plural of the word "helfa", defined by Webster's as "one who is acting like a bitch", to spice up his argument and make it more plausible. Overall, a fine effort.


by smhenderson91 Jul 16, 2006

I think that the Wayane family is such good actors, and it surprises me when the critics give the movie a C when the wayane family decided of the movie.

Josh: That also surprises me. Surprises and confuses me.

It was Great!

by Jul 14, 2006
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Everyone knows that the Wayans are consistently funny, all the haters need to just stop. They have always come out with funny movies so if you are hating you need to stop. This movie is great.

Josh: That's true. Here's an article taken directly from the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Pictured: an article from the Encyclopedia Britannica

well it is a BLACK comedy

by helen5281 Jul 15, 2006

I laughed my butt off, but I do understand some ppl just won't get it! If you are looking for one of the funniest movies of the yr this is it. If you are looking for a tear jerking oscar performance you will be disappointed!

Josh: Seriously, guys. I don't know how some of you can expect black people to act well.

Jamaica Review on the movie little man

by rekab12 Jul 15, 2006

This movie is great Bigup wayaness Brothers. from Jamaica. So everybody go an see the movie ok,it worth the money spending. yeah man

Josh: Wow, that's neat that you're from Jamaica. Can you give us your interesting perspective on other things, too?

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