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A dysfunctional family must travel across several states to enter their youngest daughter in a beauty contest that she's unlikely to win (in the process, there may or may not be funny trials and tribulations). This film was a critical darling, which does not bode well for the Yahoo users' response...


by marlavender Aug 18, 2006
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one of the children in the film wears a shirt that states "Jesus was wrong". This was totally uneccesary but clearly reflects the sentiment of the producer and/or director.

Josh: Yet again, Hollywood can't seem to make a movie without turning the plot into a full-scale assault against Jesus and endorsement of Satanism.

Awful -terrible- disgusting

by akoven Aug 22, 2006
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This film is toxicly explosive to all sensiblities of morality and parenthood. I am not a prude and enjoy provocative humor, however, this movie was an affront to even my sensiblities. The child molesters and pornographers will no doubt turn this into a cult classic.

Josh: For those who aren't sure of what this user is talking about, child molesters tend to sit around watch movies about molesting children (which Little Miss Sunshine advocated and/or did in almost every scene), and before you know it, a new cult classic is born.

Just What We Need After JonBenet Ramsey!

by jheynemann Aug 25, 2006
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okay, Folks... I won't pull any punches here. Obviously Jon Karr directed this sick, perverse piece of crap. Boycott at all cost!

Jon Karr: This movie is my confession and my directorial debut!

Good for a 6 year old........

by wdkritz Aug 25, 2006

But not for an adult. Pathetic attemts at humor like a kid who refuses to speak, a grandfather who snorts heroin. Pretty pathetic attempt. It should have just been a kids movie.

Josh: Man, that is pathetic. I think Simba snorted heroin in the Lion King, and that was like 15 years ago.

Cable TV generation fodder

by mr50603 Aug 20, 2006
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Why is it that we get off as we do by seeing lives that are worse than our own? We have trouble with our own kids, and instead of getting some good books or counseling in order to become better parents (spouses, or whatever), we turn on some program written to make us feel more "normal". Normal isn't what it used to be in this country, and programs like this movie are a big part of the reason why.

Josh: Fortunately, everyone who doesn't watch this movie will have a great family.

Hilarious? No. Mildly funny? Yeah, sorta.

by fakename_24 Aug 27, 2006
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So how pathetic are you people who think this movie was "gut-bustingly" funny?... The makers of the movie WANT you to scoff at the pageant attendees in the movie who walk out on such a trashy performance..."yeah, really stuck it to those uptight [probably Christian] parents who think it's awful that a little girl would do such a dance." Of course they use overmagnified JonBenet pageant girl/parent stereotypes to garner sympahty for the real freaks who would think it's okay their daughter is stripping to "Super Freak."

Josh: So, which parts did you think were mildly funny?

Misses the Mark

by thewandererjb Aug 21, 2006

Chevy Chase and the Griswolds have nothing to worry about with Little Miss Sunshine; the sunshine is blocked by clouds of long pauses between the laughs. Alan Atkins had a bigger part after he was dead, which is really unfortunate; even Imogene Coca had a larger part and more laughs with Chevy Chase. Spend your money on Snakes; you will get excellent acting with Samuel L.Jackson and all the hype about the mother@#& is one line which can be missed unless you're paying close attention. Or just rent Chevy Chase's DVD and save a lot of money and get continual laughs.

Josh: Chevy Chase, you need to spend more time on your career and less time writing Yahoo reviews about yourself.

Not Too Bad, But Not That Funny

by Tom_Richard1980 Aug 18, 2006
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Little Miss Sunshine wasn't the "hilarious" movie that critics made it out to be. With all the reasons for making this an R-rated flick, I think they could have made it funnier as PG-13 (which these days, is "R-Lite" anyway).

Josh: A good rule of thumb is, the more off-c0lor scenes and bad language you remove from a movie, the funnier it becomes.

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