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Film Synopsis:
Yeah, yeah, this movie is about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie being superspys or whatever, but the bigger news is that it's another BRANGELINA movie! Remember when Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer Aniston for Angelina? Yahoo users sure do!

Go to hell Angelina

by CrystalJC Jun 10, 2005
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I think a person's character in acting completely describes their personality off-screen. Angelina needs to stop seducing/stealing boyfriends and husbands...go get your own, and deserve it. Too bad God doesn't judge on acting skills and the human interperetation of beauty, sweetheart.

Wolf Blitzer: Today, acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins was taken into custody on the charge that he has been killing people and eating them.

Was that All!

by david551283 Jun 10, 2005

I came into this movie thinking it was going to be an action thriller. little did i know it was going to be another brad/jolie flick.

Josh: Yeah, they really should've put Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the trailers so you'd know what to expect.

Angelinahoe is a ....

by fccprovider Jun 11, 2005
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homewrecker and I refuse to watch this bitch get paid millions of dollars to break up a marriage!

20th Century Fox: That is a good point, actually. We probably should've just used the money to make a movie, instead of paying to break up a marriage.

Angelina and Brad...shame shame

by maeciw Jun 11, 2005
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Thank you for a terrible movie and wasting millions of trees on your horrible and shameful media frenzy driven pseudo relationship

Josh: It's no use, maeciw. They love the constant tabloid coverage of themselves too much to stop paying them to run the stories now!

THE BEST MOVIE IVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by amira_mertaban Jun 11, 2005

this movie was not only the best movie ive evr seen but it is the best movie thwhole world has seen or going to see. i say you go watch it if you havent seen it. dont listen to those stupid people that think this movie is lousy. listen to the people that have interviews.

Josh: This was an interview?

Entertainmnent is why u go to see and what you get

by chedo999 Jun 12, 2005
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Firsly, this movie seriously was the funnest movie i've seen since Desperado... i mean c'mon if you go to movies to cry over someone elses problems, then get a life for ***** sakes, don't you have enough problems of your own..? This movie is for pure entertainment and in that category i give it an A+

Don't always believe the criticts... always listen to Roger Ebert he see's it from the public's point of view, not like the others who like to ***** over everything besides romantic dramas.


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