Yahoo User Movie Reviews: Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Film Synopsis:
Johnny Depp and his swarthy crew sail around and act like pirates. This may not sound like a good film for Yahoo, but just think about it for a second. Popular franchise? Check. Kind of a kids' movie? Check. Sequel? Check. Now let's read!

worst move ever!!!!!!!!!!!

by screamoemoboixxx Jul 7, 2006
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this movie is pointless its long and a *****ty plot everything is green screen and highly unrealistic. i did not know that there were people who resembeled hammer head sharks back in the 1700's.

Josh: It's unbelievable that the filmmakers would ruin a documentary about pirates with something that isn't even true. At least the first PotC used real-life terrors, like walking skeleton armies, to advance the plot.

CAUTION! Preview before your children see

by topazgoldmine Jul 8, 2006
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What a disappointment! We were so upset and began asking people around us if they thought this to be an appropriate movie for children - an astounding NO! was the answer. One moviegoer said the best part was the last five minutes or so - the ending credits. PARENTS - PLEASE use caution before letting your children see this movie. Shame on Disney for showing a trailer on the public to lure families and children and then subjecting children to such dark horror.


Pictured: WHAT IS THIS

Pictured: WHAT IS THIS

Pictured: WHAT IS THIS

worse than the first

by boenig17 Jul 8, 2006

I thought that technology and modern thinking was supposed to make movies BETTER, not WORSE.

Josh: In fairness to you, it's easy to see how you'd get that idea with all of the fantastic remakes floating around. Sadly, the first PotC was made a long time ago in a different era, when people just cared more, and moon pies cost a nickel.


by bugboard Jul 7, 2006
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Why go see a movie with somebody in it who publicly states that "America is dumb"?

Josh: There's no reason to, you're right. I predict this movie will be a flop.


by birdxofxprey Jul 8, 2006

Native Caribbeans were never cannibals, and pirates were rapists and murderers. Disney wants you to be entertained by the falsehood that the Natives were brutal and the pirates were romantic and heroic.

Don't pay money for racist lies! Native Caribbean People have united and called for a boycott of this film. Show your support!

What's next from Disney? Maybe genocidal Jews killing peace-loving nazis?

Josh: Yes, actually. The next movie from Disney is called "Peace-Loving Nazis Of The Caribbean: Genocidal Jews". And people will think that history is like that, and our society will crumble.

What a joke!

by Jul 7, 2006

Can Hollywood make a descent movie?! Guess not and this is proof of it.

Josh: You'd think that after 90 years and hundreds of thousands movies, Hollywood would've stumbled upon something good by now, but no. Nothing.

A complete waste of time

by huangjiett Jul 8, 2006

This movie is a complete waste of time, a terrible sequel. I hate the English accent, very hard to understand.

Josh: They should've made it in American.

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