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Film Synopsis:
A remake of the classic film The Poseidon Adventure, this movie uses computer effects! It's unclear what else it has, besides Kurt Russell. That was enough for some Yahoo users, but others had reservations.

he big finished

by soso_yoyo_dodo May 12, 2006

since titanic sink in 1912, poseidon the god of water had trouble with a wave instead of hitting an iceberg they collasped with a big wave turning poseidon upside down with no electricity it will be hard going under water and finding to safety some people survied titanicc and poseidon diaster some legends still live

Samuel Nonsense: Yes, I agree! Marmalade!


by May 13, 2006

it was diffrent but it was good it need some sort of monster or somthing but i liked it and i hope u do to

Josh: When remaking movies, Hollywood should take note that you have to update them for today's audiences. A remake of Casablana, for example, should include a half-man, half-shark monster who is out to avenge the death of his father.


by May 12, 2006
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Poseidon is an action movie. There is nonstop action from beginning to end. So where's the disappointment? I didn't see anything worth crying over or bad enough to walk out of the theater. Com'on people! Get real...IT'S A MOVIE!

Josh: I dare someone to not like this movie. YOU CAN'T, GET OVER IT CRYBABIES

Wait untill it come on TV

by May 13, 2006

This movie is Bad. therefore, Hollywood needs new Ideal for movies they just making anything and tell viewers that we must see it.

Josh: And we do see it, don't we? But damn it, we're not happy about it!

Serious Moral Issues

by buckeyez123 May 12, 2006

Low budget film...

Poseidon's budget: Hi, I'm $160 million! That's higher than the known budget of any other film this year to date!

my review

by qazokiman May 13, 2006
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This is my review for the movie Posiedon. I give it an A+ for story, an A+ for acting, an A+ for direction, an A+ for visuals, and an F for overall.

Josh: Huh.

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