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In this bizarrely-titled movie, Ewan McGregor voices a robot who wants to move to Robot City to work in the robotics industry. Will it be subject to the usual Yahoo criticisms of children's movies -- namely, inappropriate content, but also content that doesn't go far enough to interest adults?


by mirandapross Mar 12, 2005
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I hated this fim sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Everyone in this film will die tonite!!!! I'm gonna kill any1 who goes and sees this movie. IM GONNA KILL U IM GONNA KILL U IM GONNA KILL U IM GONNA KILL U IM GONNA KILL U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh: The best part of this review is that there are four people who apparently found it helpful. I suspect they are people who already saw the movie, and appreciate the heads-up that somebody is going to try and kill them tonight.

The elderlys

by Mar 12, 2005
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This movie was the best elderly movie i hav ever seen i loved it!!!Its and elderly movie!!I love it it is awesome i love it!!!

Elderly man: I've been waiting and waiting for Hollywood to make a movie that caters to my interests, and I'm glad to see they've finally done that with this computer-animated film about robots.


by minigoddess_sakura5887 Mar 12, 2005
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This movie was really funny, although some of the jokes go over the little kids' heads. And for the people on Yahoo movie review giving this an "F" saying its immature, then I tihnk they need to get more mature because this movie was ment for family entertainment (mostly kids), not 40year old guys who live with their parents, ect.

40 year-old man who lives with his parents: Will nobody make a movie for me and my 40 year-old brethren?

I am SPT7

by emmabertwistle Mar 11, 2005
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The story of I am SPT7

There was a little in a street and her name was Anna and she was very happy and she was famous and she lived in Hollywood and she was not happy any more because her name was not on the walk way.
But there was a little voice in the woods and she did not know what to do
Oh no what could she do

And then after a little while she saw a little thing move in the shop and then she walked up to the thing and it ran away from her and everything was fulling down and she did not know what to do
And the next day she said to herself sould i tell mum and dad and her little brother said what do you mean not tell mum or dad something don't tell any one ok said Anna ok said her brother but why can i please tell them a little bit of the story NO said Anna fin then saud her brother but if you do you will be in big troulb said Anna and i will take all you toys a way from you and put them some where you won't be able to get them ok and Anna's little brother said fine then i won't tell them are you sure yes i'm sure said Anna's little brother
and that is the end

Thank-you so much for you'r help
By Emma Bertwistle

Josh: I cannot believe you just gave away the entire freaking movie.


by Mar 12, 2005

this movie was a complete waste of money and one of the dumbest animated movies of the year. worst movie ever made. If you've seen this movie you saw them all. from, the truth master

Wolf Blitzer: Hollywood at large was enraged to discover today that "The Truth Master", an Internet guru who is the master of telling the truth, revealed to the world that all movies ever made are actually just variants of "Robots".

looks stupid

by yazankader Mar 13, 2005
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it looks like a stupid movie. i think you should have not made it cartoonish. i think it would be better with real robots and real characters. most people dont like these types of movies. please do a different one with real people in it. then everyone will watch it. hopefully i will see your new movie i told you to make.

Yahoo: Thanks, we'll get right on it!

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