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Film Synopsis:
Saw II continues to follow the exploits of Jigsaw, a serial killer who teaches people to appreciate life by putting them in elaborate death traps that will almost certainly kill them. This movie highlights a very sensitive side of the Yahoo user community: one that displays sheer panic and confusion at horror movies.


by batdog18sd Oct 29, 2005
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y would somebody b doing those kind of things if this happens we know it's from this movie and + it sucks!

Criminal investigator: Wait a second, this violent act has to be from Saw II. Plus, it sucks.

Nonsense and Bull

by musicmuser2003 Oct 29, 2005
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Its dumb movies like this that give Westerners bad names. What the heck has the world come to? What are you trying to comunicate. People have so much sh** in their lives. People want to feel enchanted and inspired. What's the use of seeing bull like this? What good does it do? How does it help you move to a better future?

Josh: I know, they should watch Bambi instead. I got a raise and a new house after I watched that movie.


by duhast111 Oct 30, 2005

they should do better seend and really show the pple going trough what they go trough like they shoulf have showen the chick in pink pulling hands down and showed the fleshes been peeld off the hands but its boring they dont why make it if they wont show it!!!

Josh: I think you'll be happier with the third movie in the trilogy, "Saw III: A Real Snuff Film".

Shame on Parents and MPAA

by vinsonm2000 Oct 31, 2005
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MPAA: Its time you started reevaluating how you rate movies. SAW II should be rated NC17. Maybe this will curb irresponsible parents from exposing their children to such horrific violence. I do not understand how you could slam a NC17 on a movie like CRASH and give a movie like SAW II an R rating.

Concerned parent: You're speaking my language. When I see this:

Pictured: what does an R rating REALLY mean?

... I think, "okay, I can probably take my child to this movie safely." It's time for the g*d d*mn MPAA to start rating movies a little harsher!

Crash: By the way, I'm rated R, not NC-17. Just sayin'.


by long_yang16 Oct 29, 2005

people i dont recomand u all to go see this piece of *****.... DOnt GO SEE.... Dont WAste UR MONEY... WEll I want to go see it SAid my Friend... I still a virgin he said again.. and then he yell GIVE ME LOVE... For real dont go see this *****...

Josh: That review was hot.

is the movie worth your money??

by Oct 29, 2005

hi guys. im just asking if the movie is really good n not like the the first saw thanks guys

Josh: Thank goodness, now people will actually start writing Yahoo user movie reviews.

This Mvie just suck!!!!!!!!!

by kxiong67 Nov 2, 2005

this movie suck because i havent even seen saw 1 now 2 what the hack is wrong with the director

Darren Lynn Bousman, Director, Saw II: Sorry, I don't know what the hack's wrong with me. I should've waited until you saw the first one.


by dj_gried25 Oct 30, 2005

I don't intend to see this and I don't understand why people want to go see others getting mutilated and tortured and whatever else goes on. I believe society is getting sick and i hope that some family friendly movie is number 1 at the box office sometime and not all this horror stuff.

Josh: A family-friendly movie getting number one at the box office? That'll never work!

The writers apprently get off on murder

by blynd_leading_the_blynd Oct 31, 2005

It's a movie written and directed by people that apparently enjoy the concept of murder and mutilation. It's made by the same people that write blood sequences for video games (the kind you only get if you know the blood code). The fact that the theatre was packed goes to show what kind of people we are turning into and raising. No wonder Bush is president.

Josh: Damn it, President Bush! How could you and your base composed largely of socially conservative people advocate this movie?


A Movie By A Very Sick Mind

by dww56 Nov 5, 2005
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This Movie Is Written By A sick Person-Who Loves To Gorify Murder- Someone Who Probily Worships The Devil. Who Maybe Gets Off On Seeing Pepole Killed - A Bucther. A Very Hateful Person

Josh: Well, this review was written by someone who probably gets off on hurting people's feelings, and I frankly am not sure which is worse.

Dear Gawd......

by Cathalain Oct 30, 2005
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.... it absolutely frightens me that this film is apparently the pinnacle of what Americans consider "entertainment" today.

Josh: Sadly, it's true: an overwhelming majority of Americans, when polled, said that they feel Saw II represents the culmination of modern entertainment. You can tell this from its overwhelmingly positive critical reviews and highest box office take of any movie ever released.

You should SEE another movie **SPOILERS**

by tha_rexpacc2002 Nov 3, 2005

I would like to first tell everyone about myself. I am 22 years old. I am about to get married. I work as a pharmacy tech at Southern Pharmacy in a small town in NC. I play Texas Holdem and party on weekends.

Josh: Wow, you sound like a cool guy! I'm glad you mentioned all of that in your Saw II movie review!

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