Yahoo User Movie Reviews: Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby

Film Synopsis:
Will Ferrell was hilarious as a wacky 1970s anchorman, so why not a wacky racecar driver? That's what this movie's producers are banking on, but unfortunately, it looks as though Yahoo's users don't approve of the comedian taking on America's most treasured sport.

Liberal trash

by rddjjj Aug 6, 2006

Talladega Nights should not be seen by anyone. It is very offensive to people who love Jesus and to people who are not receptive to the gay lifestyle. I would suggest that people quit watching the "comedy" Hollywood puts out because it stinks of liberal methodology. Hollywood is trying to disenfranchise people who watch this kind of drivel so that they will eventually accept the gay lifestyle and will cease from believing and loving Jesus.

Josh: What would Hollywood have to gain from making everyone accept the gay lifestyle? I mean, sissies probably wouldn't like all those action movies you always see.

Won't waste my time or money.

by dmil123 Aug 4, 2006
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Seeing the movie trailers and Ferrell in this film has convinced me not to waste my time or money, even though I am a NASCAR fan. And no, I dont live in the South, drive a truck with a gun in the window or own a coon dog! Getting your yuks by offending others isnt funny, it's sick. NASCAR better start apologizing now to its loyal fan base.

Josh: It's too bad that this movie has ruined the stereotype of NASCAR fans being cultured members of the liberal elite.

BOO for racing bafoon!

by bajadolphin Aug 4, 2006
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This movie is an insult to racing. But more to NASCAR it discraces the sport. It embarrasses those of us that love racing because it makes others think that racecar drivers are stupid, dumb, and retarded. Also it discarces everyone who is a Christian,Baptist,ect. They should have never made this movie in the first place.

Josh: Now, I do agree that making Ricky Bobby's character a mentally retarded man was a step too far.

Ricky Bobby = Trash

by wwcowley Aug 4, 2006
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**** DON'T TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO THIS MOVIE! On the row with my wife and I were several young children who were about 8 to 11 years old.

Studio Executive: In retrospect, we probably should've used this promotional poster:

Pictured: look at this you idiots

should have been rated R, for real!!!!

by allisonisaqt Aug 4, 2006
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it showed no resect to elderly and it made fun of Jesus! the news is making a big deal about mel gibson ,talking about the jews well, i think they need to make a big deal about this too. they are making fun of prayer and most important Jesus!

Josh: Mel Gibson got a bum rap. Like this movie, he was obviously joking.

Bad MOVIE Supports Alternative Life Style

by Aug 5, 2006

If they would have left out the men kissing men, it could have been a good move. This is the worst movie i have seen this year.

Josh: Man, can they even show that in movies?!

the balled of rickey bobby

by iamdrew553 Aug 5, 2006

first off ricky bobby isnt even a real nascar driver.

Josh: All right, now you guys are just messing with me. It couldn't be a documentary if he wasn't a real driver!

Not American

by Aug 5, 2006

This is a bad movie. Pure trash. If your gay you will like it. It is just not the real world of racing. Not a American movie.

Josh: The jig is up, Will Ferrell. You couldn't make an American movie if you tried, even if you are from America and the movie was made in America.

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