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Film Synopsis:
Imagine a man who was 40 years old, yet somehow never had sex. What would that man look like? Steve Carrell, as it turns out, and this movie documents his life as he occasionally tries to end his terrible shame. Typically, Yahoo users are skeptical of content having to do with anything besides happy families. Let's see how this one fares.

NOT for Inteligent, Self Respecting People

by mighty_wind_2004 Aug 20, 2005
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I watched "Forty Year Old Virgin" Friday night(08-18-2005). As a movie goer, I like great comedy, but not at the expense of my integrity, honor, or inteligence. Not far into the movie, i heard vulgar disgusting comments about sexual perversion between animals (horses) and women, and talked about as if it was something a REAl , possibley even NORMAL person would or should be interested in. What a disgrace!

Furthermore..... Virginity is a gift from God. "He that commits adultery destroyeth his own soul". And "He that findeth a wife findeth a GOOD thing, and obtaineth favor from the Lord".

God: Uh, horses are hot dude, WTF is wrong with you?

Totally gross

by Aug 20, 2005

The R rating for this moving is a gross understatement. The use of the F word is excessive. What story line??? There was nothing but talk of sex and the sex act itself.

Josh: That's pretty bizzare -- you'd think that a movie called The 40-Year-Old Virgin wouldn't really talk much about sex.

piece of crap

by spoonu66 Aug 19, 2005
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What phony garbage. Sucky plotline and unfunny twists. Sissy corny crap. I'd like it to tank. Its dog waste propaganda.

Virgin Society of America: Damn it, our first propaganda film and people can already tell that it's propaganda!

people who gave it an F

by taylor_2117 Aug 19, 2005
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I was reading some of the F reviews. I noticed that many of them that had other movie reviews gave every episode in the star wars trilogy an A+, I like star wars as much as anyone, but epidsode 1 an A+, I don't think so. I also noticed they gave good reviews to other somewhat nerdy movies. So my theory, based on the movies they like, is the reason they hated this movie is becuase they themselves are 40 year old virgins.

Professor Stupid: I like your research!


by emperor242001 Aug 20, 2005
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Just because one is a virgin does NOT make him a bumbling idiot, or a loser, like they portray this guy. This film is offensive and mean-spirited. It's got intolerance oozing out of every orifice that can be thought of. Intolerance against virgins, because they lead a lifestyle that is semi-different from others.

Josh: Good point! At least, it would be, if only... had actually seen the movie.

BAD DOG scene in this movie

by tonythedogwoof Aug 20, 2005
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Graphic sex scene between a basset hound and what looked to be a boston terrier. Very offensive to throw in a scene with two dogs humping

Harswil Manchester III, Esquire: It's almost as bad as when they are allowed to excrete wastes from their haunches!


by angelbabywildchild0094 Aug 20, 2005

every thing stunk and didn't really have a meaning!!! it didn't have good acting or showing and really had no point or bling!!

Universal Pictures: Don't worry, there's already a sequel coming:

Pictured: the coming sequel to the movie.

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