Yahoo User Movie Reviews: The Break-Up

Film Synopsis:
Okay, think of a romantic comedy. Now, make it super-depressing. Doesn't that sound hilarious? Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston star in a movie based on this very idea. Yahoo, take 'er away!

the dissapiontment

by mylbald Jun 3, 2006
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this movie was gross,gay,drunk,etc.

Josh: I hate when movies drink even when they know you're coming to see them. :(

Just Horrible

by cindylou944 Jun 4, 2006
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Very disappointing. Do not take children to it

Josh: Oh, whatever. Everyone knows that The Break-Up is the kids' movie of the year!

Can't Believe This!

by dougwv.geo Jun 2, 2006

If one wants to insult their own intelligence then go see this bad language movie. No story-line or anything but cussing. Not kissing but cussing

Josh: WTF, since when do movies have c*ssing in them?


by lizflores517 Jun 2, 2006
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This was a great movie... specially the people you guys got. Couldn't be better... "SPEECHLESS" You guys deserve it.

Josh: Who are you talking to?

A must see for dating couple

by vietthuong408 Jun 3, 2006
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My bf and I went to the AMC movie theatres around 8:00PM. We coudln't find a Parking spot. So we went to the century 20. All ticket sold out for the 9:00 PM and 9:40 PM shows time. So we watch the latest one at 10PM. Al the seat were taken.

Josh: Oh, I get it -- the trials and tribulations of fruitlessly trying to see the movie brought you two together, and you went home happy! This is the perfect movie for lovers!

I havent seen the movie yet but will see it 2nite.

by rbabilonias27 Jun 2, 2006
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But i loved the previews and i think is great and very funny i am going to see it tonight at 10pm i live in stamford,ct i will be going to the crown 6 majestic theater. 2nite!

Josh: Nice, I'll meet you there!


by catneal59 Jun 3, 2006

I haven't seen the movie yet, no. Yet, I believe my english is pretty good for a white girl (see comments below). The online reviews made by "real" people who have gone to see this movie, and apparently, enjoyed it make one realize that you are not ready to enjoy yourselves from time-to-time.

The reviews seem flavored toward giving a potentially good movie a bum wrap. Swish it away critics, perhaps this movie will become funnier through time when you have something in common with its theme.

In the meantime, make sure that your "planted" online reviews by supposed "real" people can spell a little bit better. So contrite!

Go Jennifer and Vince and the rest of the filmmakers!

I'm going to see this movie this weekend, and can't wait!

Josh: Take that, somebody!

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