Yahoo User Movie Reviews: The Brothers Grimm

Film Synopsis:
Matt Damon and Heath Ledger star in a movie that takes a slightly darker look at popular fairytales. Based on typical Yahoo user patterns, the reviews could contain a) outrage at this take on fairytales that's rated higher than "G", or b) an angry review by a real-life expert on fairy tales. Let's find out!


by mr_carmen_electra Aug 27, 2005

it is worse than an F. This movie is WAY too slow moving and to long! I was so bored in the theatre i pulled out my tmobile sidekick and just started searching the net and chatting with people.

Cool dude: Dude, you are so cool! I gotta give you this:

The Vanilla Ice Award for Cool Dudes


by chongchong1000 Aug 26, 2005

I think this story is an A+ because it is an extraordinary movie please choose A+ For you should try it yourself. I liked the quotes. Don't you so that is why you should do so. UIFFFFFFFFFFF YOU WANT TO WRITE AN REVIEW I THINK YOU SHOULD DO SO

Josh: I would like to buy a book from you. "Chongchong1000's Guide To Rating Movies If You Want To Do So", it could be called.

Fun movie

by pbaumannjr Aug 28, 2005

First of all, I have no respect for "paid" critics reviews.

Roger Ebert: Damn! If I give up my salary would you give me more credibility? I'll do it for you!


by mary14eunice Aug 26, 2005

I havent seen this movie but it sue=re seems good because Heath ledger and Matt Damon are in it and the are just cutiest dogs in the books!!!

Matt Damon: Glad you liked the books! Being in the original Grimm's Fairy Tales was lots of fun!

Real Folklorist rates "The Brothers Grimm"

by biduncan67 Aug 27, 2005
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I have an M.A. in Scandinavian Folklore & Mythology from the University of Washington. My first book, "The Troll Tale & Other Scary Stories" is a required text in folklore classes. "The Brothers Grimm" is the worst movie ever made about folklore. In real life, the brothers were born in the 1780s, so they could not have been full-grown men in the 1790s. They also did not roam the countryside, duping gullible, superstitious peasants. They led a scholarly movement, which revered peasants as living relics of the shining past. The brothers collected stories from servants, especially their nanny, not from weird personal experiences.

Josh: Good point, professor! Dimension Films should've checked with you before they made this documentary. Now people are going to think that the brothers Grimm wrote those stories after they walked through a haunted forest and battled an immortal sorceress.

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