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Basically every movie critic in existence hates this movie, which is about a group of teenagers who have special spooky powers. That bodes extremely well for its Yahoo reception.


by cos_girl_18 Sep 6, 2006
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this is going to be a great movie cause i am wiccan and its about time that they finaly make a movie that not only about girls being wiches but guys can also be wiccan! wich i think is a big turn on! well this movie is going to be a hit!

Josh: Couldn't you just use your powers to make them think they are wiccan?


by amalioti Sep 9, 2006

Okay, before i went to see this movie, i came here and read some reviews and almost all of them said it sucked. Well I'll tell u IT DIDN"T. I loved the movie so much. It's absolutely great, the direction might not be the best but it was all worth it. I loved it and the actors were great especially Steven. SO haters out there, stop hatin' it ain't right. lets see u act and direct ur own movie before u write crap about a movie that was good and took a lot to do. I mean its not like u could direct or act a movie.

Josh: This review takes a very direct approach and specifically cites two tenants from the sacred Yahoo Reasons Why Haters Hate The Movies They Hate list:

Yahoo Users Present: Reasons Why Haters Hate Movies They Hate

  1. They are hating
  2. They could not make a better movie themselves
  3. They are the opposite race of the movie's protagonist/director/random extra and are therefore racist
  4. They are jealous of something
  5. They aren't in the movie

I haven't seen....

by jaylon1973 Sep 9, 2006

The last great movie I saw was Mission Impossible this year. Please don't give a bad review because your looking for Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Josh: I think almost every time a movie gets panned, it's just because people thought that it was supposed to be a new Star Wars or LotR movie.

better than expected

by dylusional17 Sep 9, 2006

Don't believe the people who say it wasn't any good they probably walked out half way through the movie because they didn't understand it. The people who appreciate the era of the Salem Witch Trials will respect the movie for what its worth.

Josh: Yeah, I mean, if you're going in without realizing that The Covenant is a historical docudrama, I could see how you might not like it.


by curlz4thegirls Sep 9, 2006

i belive it wasa great movie they acted extremly well. i belive i can say that "the covenent was one of the better movies ive ever watched it was a great movie allltogether very very exciting and thrilling at the same time mysterious ima a critic from blue reflector directing agency i personly enjoyed the movie

donald e williams

Josh: You can tell Mr. Williams is hoping for a DVD box quote in order to promote his astute critic services.

Pictured: the Covenant DVD


by ashley_diaz101 Sep 8, 2006
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The best action magical movie i have seen this year.

Josh: You mean, like, out of all of them?!

A Surprise with a few Surprises

by iamhismessenger Sep 9, 2006
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Josh: The rest of this review has been omitted because my brain could not get past the subject line.

This Deals With Super Powers, Right? Yeah.

by mhrncar2001 Sep 8, 2006
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The Covenant deals with super powers, right? Yeah. The title looks like it'll deal with church, right? But, IT DOESN'T! This deals with super powers, just like every other movie we've seen. But, good news, it has different powers. No invisibility, suoer strength, rock forming, or anything else.

Josh: Informative review, would read again, A+

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