Yahoo User Movie Reviews: The Da Vinci Code

Film Synopsis:
You wouldn't think that a story about Tom Hanks trying to figure out a secret religious conspiracy involving an evil priest would be accused of being anti-Christian, but Yahoo users found a way. Plus: general fury!

not good movie hard to understand

by sickasscriminals May 19, 2006
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din not like it is not a good movie for entertainment because it involes things that should belong to the script

Josh: I know what you mean -- some things are pretty hard to understand.


by May 19, 2006
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Josh: WHAT

Pictured: nobody can believe this insane news

far fetched

by woodelectric24 May 19, 2006
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it was a made up dump story, with all fictional story telling

Josh: WHAT

Pictured: nobody can believe this insane news

Anti-Christian Lemming Movie

by big_fat_red1 May 19, 2006
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That's all this fluff movie is. It has tons of anti-christian sentiments and fairy tales which the atheist and other anti-religious lemmings love to believe without any facts or rational thoughts.

Captain Irony: Who summons me?!


by maucal May 19, 2006
4 of 21 people found this review helpful

this story is terrible really.....bad visual effects, people dont recive a message, the actors are very poor, this film sounds like a Harry Potter film for adults

Ron Howard: Damn it, I knew we shouldn't have named one of the towns Shmogwarts!

Waste of money and distortion of Christianity

by fallenangle9999 May 19, 2006
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Even though the film is based on the fictional book by Dan Brown, it stills depict the distortion of Christianity which is totally the opposite of the truth about Jesus. This will confuse young Christians and Christian children's faith and make them put doubt on the Holy Bible.

Child who was forced to watch the movie: MOMMY I'M CONFUSED THE BIBLE MUST BE WRONG

Dan Brown attended Sunday School, Sang in Church!

by carryingthetruth May 19, 2006
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Brown sang in the church choir, attended Sunday school, and spent summers at church camp. There was no television, and the social environment was mostly Christian. He must have rebelled as a young adult and resulted in works of anti-Catholic propaganda. Check it out for yourself (cut and paste): www en. wikipedia. org / wiki / Dan_Brown I did a search engine and found this info. I don't want to watch a movie by a Man who obviously has issues with his past!

Josh: Dan Brown, how could you? SO DARK THE CON OF MAN

I will Not see The Movie.

by yldflwers5 May 20, 2006

I will not pay for something that is untrue, it is like just paying satin

Josh: I for one would rather pay for a fine fabric than see a movie that isn't even true!

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