Yahoo User Movie Reviews: The Grudge 2

Film Synopsis:
Sarah Michelle Gellar is back (sort of) to investigate whether or not children who meow like cats are scary. Critics are complaining that this movie makes no sense, but our fine Yahoo user reviewers seem to speak the film's language.

didnt like it

by blueteam22003 Oct 15, 2006

come on...ghost isnt real, and this moies sux

Josh: I think we can all agree on that: if the point of The Grudge 2 was to convince us that ghosts are real, it has failed miserably.

it sucks

by karina_monkey2 Oct 14, 2006

it sucks b\c it didnt let me watch the previews on it and i really wanted to see it but no they didnt let me so if they did i would of goten ya'll a A

Josh: Did karina_monkey arrive at the theater early, eager to get a taste of interesting movies to come, only to be denied the right to watch previews? Did they actually not let her into the theater until the previews had concluded? That's terrible, and I think the authorities should be involved.

great movie.

by lilmita1491 Oct 14, 2006

honestly, japanese horror movies make american ones look stupid! ours are all the same, and always are alike to one more or another. but japanese movies are simply amazing.

Josh: I don't know why they don't just get Japanese directors to direct all of our stupid horror movies, and turn them into beautiful works of art. ^_^


by tiger_girl360 Oct 13, 2006

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Josh: What...what are you doing?

The Grudge NUMBER 2

by raivoandrian Oct 14, 2006

I haven't seen the Grudge 2 yet. But I want to thank you people who put reviews. I know it dumb...But you people are telling me about how GREAT The Grudge 2 is!! THANKS PEOPLE!

Josh: All right, guys! Give yourselves a round of applause. I know it dumb.


by cutemanko Oct 14, 2006

Hollywood should stop adopting Asian folklores, they already screwedup Western action movies. Just make something up.

Josh: They even tried to get the writer/director from the original Japanese Grudge movies to do it, but when he came to America, he turned into an American and it didn't work. They'd be better off sticking to made-up stuff like in Lady In The Water.

Still wondering....

by yanorton Oct 14, 2006

I went and saw this with my boyfriend and he was scared to the point that his nipples got hard (don't really understand that type of stimulation)

Josh: That's nice of you to still be dating him and all.

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