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Film Synopsis:
The Perfect Man is a romantic comedy, but here's the twist: nearly every critic on the planet seems to agree that it's one of the worst things ever to be put to film. Will this be a rallying cry for Yahoo users? Oh, you know it will.

Dull as a knife

by goldengirl317 Jun 17, 2005
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This movie shows the fact that Hilarie Duff was chosen for this movie not because of her acting abilities but for her overall popularity in the teen world.

Josh: No!

my opine of the movie

by lizaoke Jun 17, 2005

i think that the moive the perfct mane id the beast in the world cause it talkes about a mom that is tsbut to get a guy in her life that she will do anything to get one!!!!

Josh: You know what? I think you're the beast in the world.

hillary duff

by saigonsugarbabies911 Jun 17, 2005

great idea for story but need to use different people that people have never saw or heard of actor like hillary duff it is boring to see people like her doing a movie

Josh: Fair enough -- actors and actresses really only have one or two movies in them before it gets boring to watch them.

Great Movie (my sister thinks so)

by sk222_20 Jun 18, 2005

MY SISTER LOVED THE MOVIE!! She said it was the best movie. it showed how families have to stick together even through hard times. my grandma even thought i was a great movie.

Josh: Wait, your sister and grandma said that?

Great movie, so shut up loserz

by npopovitch Jun 19, 2005

Ok, seriously i think the ppl writing the bad reviews are "wanna be critques". Hello, a critque is not a critque by judging a movie awful! Please, loosen up! What did you do while the movie, look for any possible flaws?...You people must og woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something, that must explain you grumpness. Oh yeah, and one more thing, how can you judge the actors? Look at you and look at them. There livin up life and your not, so my suggestion, next time ENJOY THE MOVIE! :P:)

Roger Ebert: All this time I've been criticizing movies for their flaws, when I could've been enjoying them and not judging people who are better than me.

This movie is NOT bad, it's really good!

by gdawgluvshduff Jun 18, 2005
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Why is everyone being so mean to this movie? Everyone needs to stop being so mean spirited and judgemental.

Josh: Not to call your integrity into question, but your user name does make it hard to take your review objectively.

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