Yahoo User Movie Reviews: The Prestige

Film Synopsis:
There is approximately one thing you need to know about this movie: it has David Bowie in it (plus magic and shit). In case you're still sitting here reading this for some reason, the Yahoo user reviews are as follows.

Liked it so much I'm writing a review

by neesialover Oct 22, 2006

Finally a movie that lets me use my brian for a change.

Josh: Oh, what an unfortunate place for a spelling error!

What a great movie

by tntnhhs20 Oct 21, 2006

you people that give this movie a bad grade, well you didn't pay attention to the movie at all, you were probably asleep and thats why you dont like it.

Josh: My theory is, if you didn't like it you're probably gay, and you brought your gay lover to the theater with you, and you didn't even see the movie because you were all making out homosexually the whole time, and you were all like, "Unnnhh, oooh yeah, I love being gay."


by markiss73 Oct 21, 2006

Finally something ORIGNAL at the MOVIES,BALE & JACKMAN are WONDERFUL together in this film !!!.A must see for MAGIC FANS everywhere!. Gives you a good idea what it was like back in the day for MAGIC fans who would go to any lengths for great MAGIC,even if it envolved the death of people.WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR GREAT REAL MAGIC!!!. BATMAN vs. WOLVERINE ! ,who wins?!!.

Josh: Holy SHIT DUDE!

Nolan's Best Thriller Since Batman Begins.

by mhrncar2001 Oct 20, 2006
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Josh: Now wait just a damn minute. You're telling me that out of all the movies Christopher Nolan released between last year's Batman Begins and now, The Prestige beats all of them? Forgive me, sir, if I find your hyperbole hard to swallow.

Zap - Flash - Fizzle

by moviegeode Oct 21, 2006

Beautiful photography, fine actors, yet the writers missed the opportunity and lacked the creativity to take this movie where it should have gone. A [snip - Ed.]? Killing [snip]? [snip]?

Josh: The best part about this review is when it tells you the two central twists to the movie, thus completely ruining it.

Go See The "Illusionist"

by moomesa Oct 22, 2006

The "Illusionist" is far more enjoyable than this "magic" picture in almost every way. In the "Prestiege," the English accents with most of the characters will drive you nuts trying to understand them. Second, the two stars are remarkedly similar in looks and that's confusing.

Josh: Look at the two guys on this poster -- separated at birth?!

Separated at birth?

Trying To Be Too Clever

by ulbud Oct 21, 2006

There's two things I really don't like; one is magic


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