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Film Synopsis:
People will probably never get tired of seeing Milla Jovich kick ass in various capacities, and this movie seeks to continue that trend. The critical reaction so far is vicious, though. Let's see if Yahoo users agree, at least on a cerebral level.


by jmjohnson224 Mar 3, 2006

dude this movie is *****in awesome 50 Cent - Disco Inferno [97 BPM Remix] 3:52 1 1/16/2006 12:11 PM
50 Cent - If I Can't (94 BPM) 3:16
50 Cent feat. Olivia - Candy Shop [98 BPM] 4:05

Josh: I think this is the new standard against all future Yahoo movie reviews should be measured...

Deveiopment education out of Iran

by mohrez3994 Mar 4, 2006

I am a clerk and working in training office abfa Qom Iran . I,d like educating in management out of Iran for example England or Canada.

Josh: ...wait, can I change the standard?

worst movie ever

by musicchic1985 Mar 3, 2006

just because they got a supermodel to play the leading lady, doesn't make up for the fact that her titties are below a C cup.

Josh: You're a man with high movie standards, and I respect that.

the bomb of all movies

by adamnguyen_485 Mar 3, 2006

the movie UltraViolet i think is going to be a great movie and i hope that in the future you guys would make a second part to this movie and hopefully it will bring alot more people and which this case i know it will

Josh: This review reminds me of a little-known fact that I thought I'd share with everyone: produces every single movie that is listed on their site.

What the heck was that?

by sysrgm Mar 5, 2006

Six of us, ages 5, 11, 17, 19, 36, and 51, went to see this movie. Not a single one of us came out of it thinking we knew what the plot was supposed to be about, what the point of the movie was (other than to seperate us from some cash), and what it was we just saw.

Josh: You're kidding! I would've thought at least the five year-old would've gotten the jist of things! Oh well, I'm sure he enjoyed the violence and nudity.

More like UltraBad

by nooday Mar 5, 2006
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I am left with yet another film in the endless Hollywood parade of Christian-bashing. There are cross shapes everywhere you look from uniform badges to decorations to entire buildings to even insignificant door openings. The HQ is known as the Arch-Ministry and is the home of the evil government and the morally reprehensible leader and antagonist known as Daxus (Nick Chinlund), the Vice-Cardinal. There is even a library of “Moral Sciences” where more lame butt kicking ensues.

Josh: You'd think that a dark post-apocolyptic movie like Ultraviolet would be more skewed towards loving Jesus.

Haven't seen it yet but Reviewing it anyway

by xeroutps Mar 3, 2006

The screen shots and clips of this movie are intriguing. I like the tight outfits on the women and it looks like the story line and acting will be excellent. It’s also one heck of an action picture with plenty of “bare belly” acrobatics by the look of things. I’ll probably see this movie today or some time this weekend.


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