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We got a hot one here, kids. The LIBRULS have made a movie and many people are sobbing uncontrollably and wondering how anyone could hate Amurica so much. You have been warned. Oh, what's it about? Who cares?

Oh my. Amerika is Bad. News At 11.

by evilmike30 Mar 17, 2006
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Here's a heads-up to the makers of the movie (and all of the moronic left-wing trolls that have been giving this movie a Double A Plus Good: If the 'message' of this movie was even 10% correct, you..ALL OF YOU...would be in concentration camps, arrested by the 'secret police', and movies like this wouldn't be made. Or movies like 'Brokeback Mountain', or Mikey Moores little opus, etc.

Josh: Damn liberals. They shouldn't have tried to make a true-to-life documentary, instead of using hyperbole and allegory to create a fictional cautionary tale.

another political movie

by x77th Mar 17, 2006
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hollywood would make more money if they could ,ake a movie without any politics.

Josh: This explains why this movie did not open at number one, and in fact opened at number LAST PLACE. It would explains why Fahrenheit 9/11 is the least profitable documentary ever made.

Osama Couldn't Have Written a Better Film

by djkeodfkg Mar 18, 2006
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Yep. Osama Bin Laden is seeing this film again and again. He loves it. He loves the thinly disguised attack against Christians. He loves knowing that he's hoodwinked the liberals. He loves using Hollywood's money (your money) to weaken the West.

Josh: Now we know how Osama spends his time: watching V For Vendetta and knowing that it's killing America.


by idolmanscam Mar 18, 2006
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Absolute Garbage. People just walked out or fell asleep.


Total to the max.. Anti- USA.. wow

by majdadcst Mar 18, 2006
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1st of ALL.. how can it be that that 1788 people have rated this movie and ONLY 468 are displayed.. mmmm well we know who is taking off the "Lowest Grade" Dont we... the LEFT Anti-American People..
Listen If u dont LIKE the USA......just get the hell out of here.. and Let US.. who LOVE THIS GREAT USA. . LIVE IN PEACE..
Well its ALL about the max...
& attacks on Christain who LOVE GOD...
Attacks on the USA MILITARTY...
DUMB Hollywood at it best.. wow... Must be some DUMB PEOPLE in that area...
Anyway.. DONT GO ........... MUST SAY AGAIN...........DONT GO...
SUPPORT OUR TROOPS with a letter, email, gifts.. DONT GIVE THE $$$$ TO DUMB HOLLYWOOD (little stars in my book)....... but give it to the people who are PROTECTING OUR GREAT USA...
GO USA..........GO USA..............GO USA.......... MILLION TIME OVER.......... GO RED, WHITE AND BLUE............... WE LOVE THE USA............ WE LOVE THIS GREAT........LAND......... ITS OUR.......LAND

Great out if you dont love it.......... Go USA

Toby Keith: Son, I'd like to buy these lyrics from you.

Now leftist idiots have their own super hero!

by cplnovak0072004 Mar 18, 2006
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V for VULGAR LEFTIST Anarchaic Bull crap. It is amazing how warped the minds are of our over pampered, spoiled Hollywood elites and their endless leftist minions who buy every item of garbage they spew out as if it were gold. Terrorism is EVIL, not heroic or hip. Maybe I should spell this out for all of you America Haters out there, its time to go back to first grade: America=Good Guys who protect human freedom around the globe from maniacs like Al-Qaeda, while getting spit upon by every Leftist retard on the globe. Terrorists= Bad guys who want to bring the world back 500 years and slaughter anyone who isn't enlightened by the wisdom of Islamic barbarism. Leftism is a mental disorder and a negative byproduct of a successful society like the USA (IE people who know nothing of reality and have never suffered in life and push boundries when they are slightly inconvienced, while destroying the fabric of a free society to fit a wacked out Leninist Secular Progressive agenda.) This author gives the wackies in Hollywood the big middle finger, and then salutes Old Glory right afterwords. If you want to be a loser, then become a Left Winger and cry all day about nothing while feeding off the government troff. If you want success in life, and posses two little things called "common sense and morality" with a hard work ethic, then become a Conservative and join planet Earth with the rest of us.

Josh: You should have included directions to your gun-packed survivalist shed!

Wake Up America - The ACLU Police is Coming

by slowtkeieodl Mar 19, 2006
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DON'T SEE THIS FILM. America is being brainwashed by the powerful Hollywood/ACLU/Communist elite. When they succeed, you'd better agree with their pro-homosexual, anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-freedom agenda or you will suffer. Mark my words. The left will violently crush dissent when they take power (a-la USSR). They portray themselves as the victims in this movie - don't fall for it.

Josh: And I know just where they're starting: the Supreme Court! I don't trust that John Roberts one bit...

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