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Film Synopsis:
Ever want a look inside all the hilarious, disgusting, and sexy happenings at casual eateries in America? Waiting is exactly what you're looking for! Ryan Reynolds leads the tour of what staff members at restaurants really do, and Yahoo users were generally glad he did.

Sorry, the critics don't like real life

by fistfightme Oct 9, 2005

i worked at a resteraunt before. this is it. this is all of them. it is done to the T. But people like Ebert are to stuck up and worried bout Mona Lisa Smile and other pieces of crap to understand.

Roger Ebert: Wait, working at a restaurant really is like this? FIVE STARS THIS MOVIE IS HILARIOUS!

what is wrong with these stupid critics?

by vtecpowered1 Oct 8, 2005

these critics that left these bad reviews are obviously the ones that go into these restaurants like the one the movie is based on, and give these poor servers a hard time.

Peter Travers: Ooh, I just hate those servers! I will show them by trashing their stupid movie.

some of what you see may be true

by humble_beauty17 Oct 7, 2005
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This movie was so great. As a server, some of the things shown in this movie are true. Such as bieng pissed off by people who come in to the resteraunt right before close, because no one like being at work longer then they have to.

Josh: Haha, those servers were all set to leave work, and then bam, here comes some customers! Oh, jeez! Who would've guessed that they hate that in real life?


by Oct 8, 2005

Yes, is it really a surprise why the critics don't like this movie. It's because they can't relate to it. We, the moviegoing audience, most of us have worked at a ersturaunt, and know how crappy it is. And the Critics seem to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths, ad we are the ones that spit on the spoon, or shove it into oraphases

Josh: You hear that, Prince Ebert? Your royal blood and upper-class privileges are only going to get your oraphases filled in the end!

Roger Ebert: Good heavens!


by livelaughlove62689295 Oct 7, 2005

I havent seen the movie yet, but from all the reviews, its the comedy of the year. Andy Milonakis plays in it, its gonna be a great hit!!!

Josh: Seriously, almost one third of all critics recommend it!


by Oct 7, 2005
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Man, this was really funny!!! And very sick. I saw the premeire because my moms friend wrote the book which is actually better than the movie, she got some awards or something.

Josh: The secret humor of this review is that this movie is not based on a book at all.

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