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The first XXX film was about Vin Diesel running around and blowing things up; this time, Ice Cube takes charge. However, this was a bad movie for the studio to make, because for reasons that will become all too clear soon enough, Yahoo users hate Ice Cube and everything that he stands for.


by slapper14608 Apr 30, 2005

Why is it that every time a movie comes out with a leading man of color, you people see fit to trash it? There are plenty of totally idiotic movies out with white leading actors that seem to somehow become masterpieces. Don't mention "Ray". Don't mention Jamie Foxx because that would be tokenism. ("Well, we got ONE...") I think that some of you will not be satisfied until we are back to playing slaves, buffoons, servants, dope dealers, pimps, thieves, dancers, basketball players and crackheads. Do you think that we are not aware that if the same movie was produced with a white actor you'd be saying something different? Wake up. We are not stupid. You on the other hand...

Hollywood: Bah, he's on to us! Quick, get Jamie Foxx or Denzel Washington or Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman or Lawrence Fishburne on the phone to do a Malcolm X biopic or something!

Rogert Ebert: Pity -- XXX: State Of The Union could've been this decade's Apocalypse Now, if only it had a white lead.

Not all movies are ment to be believable!

by Apr 30, 2005

The critics say that this movie isn't believable. What movie have you seen lately that was?! It was fun and fast paced. It wasn't too over the top but it also wasn't completely probable!

Josh: This movie contains a scene in which Ice Cube, driving a tank, manages to dodge his tank out of the way of a missile shot at it by another tank. And the tanks are dueling on an aircraft carrier. I guess what I'm saying is, a truly over the top movie would have Ice Cube skullfucking the corpse of a terrorist while all of this was happening.

Ice Cube espouses radical Islam and violence

by kelt_43143 Apr 29, 2005


Council of Conservative Citizens

P.O.Box 221683,
Saint Louis,MO 63122

Contact:Gordon Baum, Esq.


Star of new Sony film is advocate of extremist Islamic sect and promotes violence against Americans of European descent.

Director of XXX: State Of The Union: Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have let Ice Cube have that angry Islamic monologue in the middle of the film!


by oldlady_97_04 Apr 29, 2005
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At least we didn't have to put up with that ugly lugnut Vin Diesel but the equally ugly Ice Cube (dear Lord, why do these parents name their children such silly names?)and he glowers throughout this depressing mess and he gets my vote as the most annoying actor of the year in a tie with Jimmy Fallon.

Glass Of Soda, Ice Cube's Father: Now wait just a damn minute! Ice Cube is a fine name!

Typical Hollywood TRASH, white=bad, black=good

by radox13 Apr 30, 2005

Once again the liberal hollywood freaks tries and make a loser(ice cube...what kind of demented parent would name their kid ice cube?) in society that degrades women and promotes violence in reality amd make him a hero in the movies.

Glass Of Soda, Ice Cube's Father: COME ON NOW

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