Letters: January 20, 2008

We received a number of letters in the 10 months since our last update, but only a select few of them were intelligible and/or not lost. We bring you those letters now.

Most of our readers are inmates.

Damn, you all to HELL! After finally getting out of jail, I find your site CLOSED? I'll find you...oh yeah, and when I do, you'll pay. YOU'LL PAY!!!! - Prison Pete

Josh: Site closed? I have no idea what you're talking about. Looks like they finally broke you after all, Pete.

Someone has the gall to accuse us of trickery.

Wow! I don't know where to begin. The article is complete BS. somewhere on the blue planet there is going to be some kind of bad luck?? Anyone could say stuff like that. Somewhere on this planet there is going to be a drought? Droughts occur somewhere on this planet all the time. How about somwhere in this planet there will be an earthquake. Duh, earthquakes happen all the time at varying magnitudes.

And the quotes! some georgia woman said this, some florida guy said this... ok maybe they don't have to be specific. But Some researcher??? How about naming the guy. Joe blow from the university of whereever said....

Last Nostrodomus is not a religion!!!! "some florida guy" dumped Jesus for Nostrodomus is the biggesat croc of bull. At least try and make your story believable. - some person

Josh: Of all the angry letters we've gotten about this article, I don't think a single one has mentioned the fact that we spelled "Nostradamus" wrong throughout the entire piece.

Smoking weed and milking cows.

hey man, i was a dairy farmer for 17 years. how can you be so quick to claim that milking cows is harmful if you dont even know how a cows body works? ignorance probably, if you dont drain the milk form a cows udder, the cow will be in extreme pain. not to mention the fact that shell have a mastitus build and possibly die. put down the weed and do some research before you start making ignorant comment about animals who have more intelligence than you - cornelius

Josh: "Mastitus build"? That sounds made-up. If cows need to be milked, why can't they milk themselves?

Breaking our own rule about the intelligible ones.

i think everything he says has a real chance of being true i've read almost every thing about him in school and i've always found it interesting and with all the news on george bush being the antichrist and evedence i support him in every way because everything he said has happend strange kawinky dink?...dont think so lol i mean starting a war for wat he says hes a protector... bush is getting his people killed just to prove a point.that hes superiour now on the other hand when nostradomus said there will be a war or all wars and that the antichrist will cause over billions of deaths i think its already began to happen i mean look at it bush is killing our troops by sending them there and he maid it hard for his people to even go there innocent people are getting beheaded thats my point not to make any body look bad but with all thats going on its hard not to look away from wats really going on i may be in the wrong and i appolagise if bush gets offended - richard trembly

Josh: I think that Bush is the current President of the United States.

Keith Olbermann: the new red menace.

When I came back from Nam, I was pissed at most of the idiots in this country. We were winning and everybody else said we were losing. When I was a teenager, I believed in JFK, and I know now that he would be considered right wing today. He believed in the spread of democracy, the goodness of America, cutting taxes, fighting evil and was against abortion. The mainstream media lied every day about Nam. We used to laugh when newspapers came. I will not watch the mainstream media anymore because they are as biased as fuck. At least Fox brings these liberal weenies on to counteract some of the right wingers. ABC, CBS and NBC don't. Chris Mathews is a jerk. Keith Olberman is a commie wuss. I guess you people think these guys are unbiased. And yes, Limbaugh is right when he says the main stream media has their testicles in Al Gore's lock box when it comes to giving Hillary tough policy questions and letting her get away with her laugh as an answer. Lastly, Fox News has been the only place where there has been a decent debate regarding presidential contenders. That witch bitch from Iowa looked stupid, CNN looked stupid, and forget about public radio - Redtom

Josh: It's always funny to hear from relics like you who still think that calling someone a "commie" is a horrific insult. At least pull out a "motherfucker" or something.


where does these "sayings" appear? Where does God say that being Amish is the correct religion? - christian

Josh: Um, in like the first page of the Bible, idiot.

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