Letters: February 24, 2008

Do people still come to our website and send us letters? We find out in this exciting update.

WTF means "What the fuck". The more you know!

wtf guys? don't confuse me. this is the first time i have checked back in months and i find this thing up. clarification needed. apologies for lack of capital letters but i just don't care right now - acrossthepond

Josh: Apology not accepted. Use capitals next time or risk an IP ban for life.

A stunning revelation.

Someone actually got it on with you? I think that's more surprising than knowing you dress like an American idiot before hand to get the mood started. - Sofia

Josh: Wait, where was I when this happened?!

A truly scary letter.

I concider myself goth, its not like i brag about it. talking about it bugs me most of the time. so mybe my life aint (as) bad as urs, but when someone says im not goth it stresses me. its hard as it is, we dont need people telling us were not who we r or know what we know best. - dark prince

Josh: Answer me this, dark prince: if you know best, why are you wrong so often? Admit it, I just blew your mind.

Also scary.

I do wear black however I do not call myself goth and if you go by actuall meaning "goth" is a midevil building style. but I do agree with you on one thing annoying little idiots that run around calling themselves goth do need to drop off of this world but unfortunattly this includes you calling yourself goth - drkangel0586@aol.com

Josh: Pssh, you're obviously not truly goth.

Okay, it's getting a little old.

i hope your not forgetting what makes you goth is not just the clothes you wear, and the makeup you wear it is the music you listen to, "gothic rock", i hope u understand this as u look like one of the last remaining true goths and most of ur post has touched on a very good point - Zach

Josh: At least Zach here recognizes the true power of Goth Gary as one of the last remaining true goths. For that reason, he will be spared on the day that Gary summons his Daemon Turtle pet to kill everyone.

Wait, for real?

I can't believe Townshend and Daltry said that about Entwhistle. This must be out of context or a misquote. - Gary

Josh: Sadly, yes, all of that did happen, right down to Daltrey singing "Heart Attack Wizard" about their old bandmate.

In Other News

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