Letters: February 25, 2007

This edition of the letters -- 214 -- is significant, because it marks a) the 214th time I have done these, and b) the last letters edition before a very important announcement related to the EV. This week, you'll see what it is, but our intelligent readers will know exactly what it will be before it comes.

A section from long ago.

if you can please send to me some birthday cards samples - mohamed

Josh: There's one or two here, plus some for every other occasion. You'll thank us when you're knee-deep in gratitude sex!

Olfactory nightmares.

I don't like the way you smell now - Olaf

Josh: If this website really did have a smell, what would it be? Mescaline?

Layers of complexity.

this makes me laugh,..this girl is no better than the those she insults, maybe she does not realize she too is a conformist.... - spazz

Josh: You know, that wasn't the angle we were going for, but yeah, I guess I could see that.

Hiatus reaction, part deux.

Sigh, you didn't even update Tuesday night. Just admit it; you can't be bothered any more. Give us one last week and wrap it up. You're a big boy now with work and such, we won't begrudge you, just stop with all the half arsed hiatuses - acrossthepond

Josh: Okay, we deserve some grief for the spotty schedule lately, but I resent that comment about the hiatuses -- I put my whole arse into them each and every time. Please recognize the pride I take in them.


Burn A Bible???? What the fuck is the matter with you. Stupid parents. You are trying to warp young kids into horrible beahvoir. I can't belive there is web sites out there to hurt or youth and degrade parents that trying to do the best for there kids, and there is jackasses like you out there trying to get our kids in trouble, What is next rob a bank, Kill someone for it is good and it will please your god. Grow up you inorgant demon lovers. I am totally horrified by this kind of trash. I find you hate and creed is what this world does not need and the more shit like this the worst this world is. - Adam

Josh: It's time for us to say this: we love people like Adam here and the letters that they painstakingly send to us. Adam, your horror is exactly proportional to our delight, so please, flame on.

Silly board games.

lol hahaha isn't that from the board game "Operation"? rofl - Marshall

Josh: Did we do an Operation reference at some point? I don't even know anymore.

More hiatus snarkiness.

Enduring Vision Experiences Technical Difficulties; Please Hold

A long way of saying WE ARE LAZY - acrossthepond

Josh: Uh, that story was completely true. The internet could literally no longer tolerate our advanced whatever.

In Other News

Conservationists Fear Dwindling Park Space Reduces Places Kids Can Safely Get High (07/13/10)

Area Man's Use Of Pay Phone Angers, Confuses Coworkers (07/11/10)

LeBron James Announces Plan To Follow In Jordan's Footsteps, Play For Birmingham Barons Minor League Squad (07/08/10)

Anti-Incumbent Sentiment In Washington Kills Senator Robert Byrd (06/28/10)

The Enduring Vision: A Documentary In Two Parts (06/21/10)

Your Letters Answered (06/17/10)

U.S. Identifies Vast Deposits Of Unobtainium In Afghanistan (06/16/10)

BP Points Out That Oil Spill Could Give Rise To Toxic Avenger Style Superhero (06/14/10)

Area Man Definitely Counting That Walk To The Mailbox As Today's Exercise (06/10/10)

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