Letters: March 9, 2009

Who knew that marijuana was such a touchy subject? We got lots of letters concerning a recent story we wrote about this Devil Weed. It's interesting that so many people out there seem to be fans of this illegal, murderous substance. Fortunately, we got letters about other things, too! (No, we didn't. - Legal Dept.)

Here We Go!

This is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. Marijuana doesnt cause you to murder anyone. Murders are born to kill eventually dumb fucks! Marijuana just makes you happy and feel good. If somebody who smokes a lot of weed kills someone its because they're doing cocaine or other "real" drugs with it.Alcahol and cigs kill people, do you ever wonder why they're legal. Get your head strait dumb asses! Smoke some weed and relize its a plant made by god, not a narcotic made by people. - Sean

Josh: You sound pretty mad, Sean...mad enough to kill. Q.E.D.

An Invitation To A Facebook Battle!

this is plain creepy. Im fine with the fact that marijuana is maybe going to be lagalized and treated like alcohol... But to legalize murder is insane and thought up by a crazy man. I say this because i will be afraid for my life! Killing people for the hell of it is NOT OK! I would rather a sane person have a new proposition that only legaluzes marijuana, but treated as alcohol- which simply means you have to be 21 anddon't move yourself in anyway but by walking, running, have a designated driver, or just take the bus. Sure marijuana is bad for you if you smoke it; but what about eating it? Or applying it to your skin. There are many ways i have learned about from the documentary "super high me". Its a serious spoof on supersize me but I wont go into it. Please I beg of you! Argue with me or tell me your ideas on facebook! I am dakota quigley and my network is santa cruz! I havenot looked into this topic much, but this guy sounds crazy! Please don't let him try and legalize murder! If that happens i am definitely moving. Now i may only be 14 but I think i have some pretty good points, and my friends agree with me. Btw dont try to contact me by email because it doesnt work, too many viruses on my computer and somebody stole the password. - Dakota Quigley

Josh: Dakota, this letter was fantastic. We tried to contact you about your prize through email, but it doesn't seem to work. Oh well.

Amsterdam: Cannibales City.

There is no way that Americans would become cannibales. If that was the case then countries like Jamacia and Amsterdam would have all ready eaten each other. - Sean

Josh: Great, now we're going to get hate mail from Jamaican cannibals. I hope you're happy!

Loose Lips Sink Ships!

you have the worst most one sided propaganda I have ever seen. I hope you realize that once people read beyond to another article your propaganda fails to suck in new believers of this crap. - michael thompson

Josh: Here's what you didn't anticipate: the new article that they move on to is written by us too. You simply can't escape, Mr. Thompson...

Not Even Funny.

this is the worst article ever. not even funny. - Jon

Josh: This is the worst letter ever. I'm just kidding, there are plenty worse than this. Thanks for the comment!

Doobious Murder.

what is wrong with the person who wrote this article? So much was taken out of context and to even compare marijuana and murder together is completely ridiculous. Causing physical harm to another does not relate to legalizing for personal use. I think if someone was thinking about murdering a person in a crazed state, if they smoked a "doobie" they would change their mind, eat some late night munchies, then pass out instead! - Melanie

Josh: You're buying into one of the many liberal myths about marijuana usage: the "munchies". People who smoke marijuana only get hungry for one thing: HUMAN FLESH.

Did This Need To Be Printed?

Lame... - lam

Josh: I'm calling the ATF on you.

Ugh, They're Still Going?

What does marijuana has to do with killing someone? REEFER MADNESS CRAP, Marijuana does not lead to killing a person this is nonsense and the government knows this. They know the "real" reason why it's illegal in the first place. Based off racism, then greed no one stupid now. The only person stupid are the ones listening to the media and reading these false article about marijuana. It's just time to raise the white flag and give up. America is the land of the "free" the voice of the American People an as you hear we are speaking it's time to legalize marijuana. You are wasting our taxpayers dollars for DEA to raid someone house, this "War on Drugs", and putting people in jail for a plant. If you put everyone in jail who is going to pay to help the state or the jail systems. I know it wont be coming out of your check. Who's going to keep the job going making sure the economy doing great. Making sure the food is growing properly, keeping the animals healthy, every person you put to jail has a part to do in America. Doctors, Phsicans, Dentist's, Teachers, etc. smoke are you going to lock them up, if so who's going to do there part. All the Presidents smoke are you going to band them... [this went on for about 20 more sentences - Ed.] - D

Josh: Hahah, I love the idea of Abraham Lincoln smoking weed, and then killing people and ruining our livestock.

An Ironic Email.

we dont need your kind of thinking around anymore, your just like a racist or sexist...smoke a joint one night and take a few shots the next and see which one affects your abilities more...leave the states and take your idiotic views with you - aaron

Josh: I'm sorry, Aaron, but it sounds like you are the racist here. You are racist against people of my race: the anti-dope race. Please turn yourself in to the police for hate crimes.

And Finally...

haha thats funny pot never killed anybody lol - will

Josh: WTF, that's not funny. That's just sad. Pot would never even do that, get your facts straight idiots.

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