Letters: March 23, 2009

Not many letters this week, but we guess that's what happens when we don't have any stories about marijuana, Chris Brown, and all the other important things that people care about these days. We'll try harder next time if you promise to keep being outraged!

Could It Be... An Actual Fan?!

So where have you goof-offs been? First, this long "Dear John" lettera couple of years back about riding off into the sunset to pursue your Brokeback Mountain Dream, now back with a new website design. What's the matter, boys....you got out of college and discovered THE WORKWORLD SUCKS???? BWA HAA HAA HAAAAA! Suckers. Welcome back. Now get me a cup of coffee and make me laugh.. - Kilroy

Josh: You must be confusing us with an older news satire website called "The Enduring Visione", which used to exist at this URL. We're happy to say that they all had to get real jobs and won't be troubling you anymore.

A Nuanced Discussion On Race Relations.

I can't see why he say it's not racist. That shows how stupid he is and pink skin peolpe eat more watermelon and chicken than anyone else. White peolpe don't like to be called the blue eyed devil but that's what you were taught if you were not white. - Brenda

Josh: I find your racism towards white people insulting. Not all of us mind being called the blue-eyed devil. In fact, I would be flattered if someone paid enough attention to me to notice my devilish nature, but that could be because I'm very lonely. Anyway, would you like to go out sometime?

In Other News

Conservationists Fear Dwindling Park Space Reduces Places Kids Can Safely Get High (07/13/10)

Area Man's Use Of Pay Phone Angers, Confuses Coworkers (07/11/10)

LeBron James Announces Plan To Follow In Jordan's Footsteps, Play For Birmingham Barons Minor League Squad (07/08/10)

Anti-Incumbent Sentiment In Washington Kills Senator Robert Byrd (06/28/10)

The Enduring Vision: A Documentary In Two Parts (06/21/10)

Your Letters Answered (06/17/10)

U.S. Identifies Vast Deposits Of Unobtainium In Afghanistan (06/16/10)

BP Points Out That Oil Spill Could Give Rise To Toxic Avenger Style Superhero (06/14/10)

Area Man Definitely Counting That Walk To The Mailbox As Today's Exercise (06/10/10)

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