Letters: March 27, 2008

Our terrible, terrible send-a-letter system is discussed in this riveting update. Keep it up, everyone, and maybe you'll encourage me to get the new site design done sometime this century!

Satan and us.

I think you owe me TWO apologies now! Last time I tried to "send a letter" whatever demonic source the EV uses crapped out and didn't send my letter and it did it again just five minutes ago, too! Because of that satan service you use I had to make a comment about "Pic of the Week" edition 82. Thanks a lot you bitches!

p.s. Now I don't feel so bad that I stopped reading the EV for a year and a half Ha Ha take that - Sofia

Josh: Guilty as charged: our form system was, in fact, designed by Satan and is intended to cause woe and misery here on Earth. I promise I am looking into changing it, but Jesus is totally dodging my voicemails.

P.S. - We stopped updating for almost that long, so ha!


With the way that looks, I could believe him. - Bob

Josh: This also relates to our form, in a way: it's stupid and doesn't know which story you are commenting on, so you have to give us some kind of hint. That being said, I agree!

They keep getting better.

harvard sucks - 2e1

Josh: Sounds to me like we've got a Yale graduate on our hands. Go back to Skull and Bones, asshole.

And the requisite letter for Goth Gary.

To mr gothypants... YOU ARE A COMPLEATE AND UTTER TWATING COCKSUCKER!!! I usually dont reply to this sort of thing, cuz it doesnt usualy bother me what idiots think, but your a brattish steriotype that a fistfull of reality shoved up ypur arse!! - jay

Josh: There's no way any of our editorialists are mere stereotypes.

In Other News

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