Letters: April 23, 2006

Despite just finishing one of our more popular weeks traffic-wise, the amount of normal letters received (i.e., those not soliciting sex from us or offering to buy The EV out for millions of dollars) are way down. Could it be that you've all forgotten how to write? Send us a picture letting us know!

Worse, one of them is a Goth Gary letter!

hey, if you think goth is having a disturbing past, then you are in it for the wrong reasons... it seems you my friend are the true, whateverthefuck you call them, faths? do you even know who peter murphy is? bauhaus is not just an art form my friend, and if you happen to listen to marilyn manson, slipknot or any of those other stupid groups, you are even worse. sisters of mercy? souxie and the banshees? thats keeping it old school and true goth. the cruxshadows are the world's biggest underground darkwave band right now from the u.s., and they are surprisingly positive and have been in the goth music scene busting their asses since the late 80's. being a goth does not mean you have to be disturbing, or have a violent and awful past. it started as a musical spawn of punk, and it simply is the music you listen to and the clothes that accompany it. anything else you add to it is your own personal taste, and you do NOT speak for the whole goth subculture. btw, hot topic is owned by gap, so it was never cool to shop there, just convenient. it was always a poser shop. - rook

Josh: You must have lost a lot of weight writing that letter, judging from all those names you dropped. OH YES I WENT THERE

And one of them is from a friend!

hey, you said "good joby" in the movie review section. just letting you know, unless you meant it to be joby, cuz that's what the word is now in the real world. i mean, why not? bob can be bobby, well in that case, you might want to add another b to it, so it would then be jobby. haha, that'd be a funny name. anyway, you should come visit us when we're at the shore this june, we can finally make the next JandB - Mike

Josh: I know, I said it because the reviewer said it that way too, and I wanted to be cool like them. Anyway, what ever happened to AHNOLDFEST 2? And why isn't Scott answering my emails? And why am I treating this section like it's my own little private forum?

And one is about Goth Gary AGAIN OH JESUS WHY

cool story dude i bet my life is as bad as urs - [no name given]

Josh: Wait, I thought you have to give your name? Letter form! Get over here, and bring me my belt.

And one is...strange...

God Josh, I can't wait 'till your're raising kids! It will be so fun. - Pete

Josh: ...are you offering to get me pregnant?

In Other News

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