Letters: May 7, 2006

Things pick up this week with a good number letters about all sorts of matters. Bonus: learn some fun new anagrams!

Fronthanded compliments!

Your story on the turret guns was absolutely brilliant. Do go on! - J.D.

Josh: Thank you kindly! We do intend to go on, unless somebody writes us a nonsensical letter. But that will probably never happen!


True that Nostradomus has predicted many things that has come to pass yet by all means he is not God and he shall never be. I myself read about all the things that are to take place that Nostradomus has predicted to happen still I only believe in him as a prophet nothing more or nothing less. Nostradomus is seen now as a great prophet and even though he is so accurate about the things to happen has anyone ever thought that maybe that Nostradomus himself may rise again and be the next antichrist or maybe in a certain text that he may already be here for we listen and breathe the facination on the predictions and accuracy on the words he so long ago wrote. So listen, in all reality Nostradomus lives on and could be the antichrist that so many has been waiting and watching for. - Della Adkins

Josh: This is one of the most insane things I have ever read.

Seplling errosr.

This is the worst sorry excuse for a pile of shit I've ever read. Gary, you're an ignorant ass who can't spell. - Who carea

Josh: Incidentally, what does "carea" mean?


Your article fills me with the utmost revulsion. I can't believe that you would make cheap cracks at what is proving to be a global epidemic. If you had ever been tricked into using this crack-like substance, you would know the pain and fear it caused me. I was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to kill and maim, and a burning rage, the likes of which have yet to be seen anywhere in civilized society. I felt as if the spirit of a malevolent cavemen eclipsed my own, normally law-abiding persona. I think that it's totally rational that 38 million americans do not have health insurance, yet we've spent over a billion dollars preventing people from using this acrid instrument of the devil this year alone. Shame on you for bringing to light the holes in the government's shining plan to spend billions of taxpayers' money showing the country the evils of marijuana. I don't support terrorism, SO I DON'T SMOKE THE EVIL REEFER!

Signed (angrily), Joshua Sault, Watertown, CT

PS This was a joke you retard.
PPS I'm sorry, you're not a retard. I'm just in a red fog right now, induced by the many years I've been a daily smoker.
- Josh Sault

Josh: We very much enjoyed this letter. Now quit the devil weed before you kill any more children!


omg i loev this sight - hehe

Josh: Thanks! And might I add that we're completely non-judgmental here, and you can enjoy the site under the influence of whatever it is you might enjoy doing in your spare time.

AIDS: not funny after all.

Do not mock the people who have aids - back door?

Josh: We have no articles that mock people who have AIDS, so I'll assume this is a warning to us for future articles. Don't worry, we won't!

Fun with anagrams!

Sela Williams sounds legit....except that her name is Actually a Anagram for "I'm a walls lies" and 'Swill malaise'
Viva le revolution!
- Rumblefish

Josh: My brain can't do anagrams. All I thought of for me was "josher right".

In Other News

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