Letters: May 21, 2006

What are this week's letters about? If you can guess correctly by the time you're done reading this sentence, you've won our special prize! Sorry, try again next time. Read more EV.

Let's get started!

Now I know you are not blaming the way people act on a video game....how ignorant are you???? I live here and am disgusted at this! It was the fact that there was no law and order and people wanted food and water! You should be ashamed for writing such garbage..... - Dan

Josh: Jeez, it's a little late for horribly misunderstanding satirical New Orleans flood stories, isn't it, Dan? Unless you're reading this story in preparation for more possible New Orleans disaster in the upcoming hurricane season, in which case I'd say, good job on being so prepared.

A serious discussion on gothic qualities.

A true goth does not have to try so hard to be goth or make such an issue of it. These days goth has become a fashion which basically means that if you don't have money well you can't be goth. After I had a kid and got married I've grown tired of spending so much goddamn money on clothes. I wear fucking bluejeans because I don't have the time and effort but you know what I'm still the same wicked person I was years ago. I agree that the "faths" are a fucking plague but I also say get over yourself and your issue over whether not your a real goth.. - Maria Fugitt

Josh: Haha, bluejeans? YOU'RE A FATH SUCKER


What you want to pay 4 bucks for a 2 dollar disposable shaver just for the privledge of shopping at a mom and pop establishment. Hey if that what progress is all about welcome to the moonbats league. - Allan

Josh: We don't know which article this letter is talking about, but because it attempts to boil down the complex issue of the corporatization of the American consumer market to a rhetorical question, it doesn't matter anyway.

Our children.

u guys are hilairius i want ur children - nameless

Josh: I don't have any kids, but you can have this orange cup I'm drinking out of! No, actually, I need that.

Someone else gets it!

Wow... your completely a hero for that, I couldnt agree with you more. It's about time someone like you came and trashed those fucking idiots. Well done, you are the shit. - ashlie

Josh: Thanks! I hear some on our staff are currently accepting congratulations in the form of sexy pictures, so you might want to think about that for the next time.

A joke?


HAhahahahahahaha....this is a joke....right?...This is the funniest thing I have EVER read. I love the little line about conformists at the end after criticizing these pictures of people for not being like you. - Daniel

Josh: No one ever takes us seriously :(

In Other News

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