Letters: June 4, 2006

Terrible things happening inside our EV computers caused it to take 25 minutes just to get this letters edition started! Let's see how this affects the quality of our anwswers.

oh god.

Thumbs up to yahoo, that's take away one less way for pedophiles to do their thing. I hope you pedophiles burn i hell, which by the wyay you will perverts - betsy

Josh: I think from now on, I'm just going to answer letters like this by typing the lyrics of the song I'm listening to. Right now, I'm listening to the bonus CD from Home Movies Season Four. Birthday birthday, doodle-do!

Such a great show!

it is a very intresting story and it is worth reading. - david morrissey


Now I have all four seasons.

McDonalds is pimping America. Eating McDonald for breakfast, lunch and dinner with your cheap watered down lettuce that offers no nutritional value at all or your pork and fatty hamburgers and your lard covered processed chicken nuggets is still killing our young people. All McDonalds is doing is trying to make a buck to get rich. I am sick at your meal. Americans are dieing early and it another form of Genocide. Your theory that Super sizing it and salads being a wholesome meal is stupid. Your salads are not quality salads field with nutrition. Your menu does not support the food pyramid. Where are your essential carbs? In the bun? Put more thought in the quality of your food. One day McDonald will conform to a healthier America and if you love God you would love his people and the heart if the soul. - Talesh Nelson

Josh: Ice cream and presents, comin' your way!

The Captain of Outer Space.

I would like to offer an exchange of links between your website and ours, which have excellent Google rankings.
If you find such a proposal interesting then please send me details of your sites.
However, if you are not interested please accept my apologies for taking your time.

Attention! We can write an article for you to place there. We'll write this article specially for you to fit in the theme of your website, and in exchange we ask only for attribution in the form of a link from the article to our site or sites as the authors. If you'd like more information, just reply to this mail.

Best regards, - Lidia Sadlowski

Josh: Starboy!

Finally, one that doesn't make us want to die.

Damn you and your haituses (haiti?)I need more Enduring Visions! Shrooms are only good for so long! - acrossthepond

Josh: I don't know, going by most of these letters we're starting to think we should've stayed gone.

The compliments song!


just want to know one thing. Iam getting married soon,I heard that we should not involve in sex for two days /before14 days from menses end date, for birth control or to avoid pregnancy.

But I heard from my friends as I should not involve any day other than just before and after the menses dates. And I heard different perceptions on this.

Iam aware of using condoms and other pills.But I want to know this way also.

Please give me this information and help me out.

rgds, - acrossthepond

Josh: I'm glad you asked about that thing
'Cause what I'd like to do is sing!
A song about gettin' people to do stuff for you
By usin' compliments even if they ain't true!
'Cause you look like you lost some weight
Now lick my hands and paint that crate!


I gotcha!


See! Noooow yoooou try!

All right!
You look great
In that shirt
Now help me hem
My brand new skirt!
You have very nice
Now help me co-sign
This bank loan!

'Cause a compliment will get you far
Even if it's just a lie
'Cause your skin is soft as buttermilk
Now help me shave my thighs!
Yes you gotta compliment
because it's not complicated
If you want some lemonade
You gotta start manipulatin'!
We wish it was different
But that's the way it has to be
'Cause you need to compliment
'Cause that's what people needs!



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