Letters: June 18, 2006

I just realized that we forgot to change this description last week. I just did it now, though, because things like that bother me. Do they bother you, too? Let me know and we'll totally make out.

Perhaps the most severe love we've ever received.

Oh Man,

(Bit of a delayed reaction, but bear with me.)
Just when I thought this site couldn't get any better, I read your piece on Hurricane Ophelia (Ophelia Targets Hamlet). At that moment, EV transcended mere(pls don't kill me) parody/satire (albeit written with considerable skill), into post-modernist absurdist comedic brilliance. You could write a Phd thesis on it, so clever was it. And (what's the expression?), 'mad props' to you for referencing Tom Stoppard's criminally underrated film. I LOVED THAT !! Sorry for that brief moment of pre-pubescent hysteria, but I had to get that out. That article had to be as good as the film, if not better. Glaring similarities in the adjectives used to describe the film and the article are wholly intentional.

Moving on, love the Yahoo Movie User Reviews (and the comments...oh lord, the comments.) Love the retards and mouth-breathers relentlessly writing in with their hideously misinformed views on everything and their basic ingorance of the conventions and sensibilities of satire. Love the fact that you try to humor them at first, and skewer them mercilessly when that doesn't seem to work. Love the great lay-out of the site, making for easy and accessible browsing. Especially love WCYD. Love your editorial stance on everything. Scathingly humorous and insightful, yet not combative. Nice. Love the utter lack of banners and other assorted corporate whoremongery. Love the fact that you don't try and sell your taste in music/movies/popular media to your reading audience, beyond the occasional obscure reference. Love the strong centrist political undertones (correct me if I'm wrong). Love Frank Patriot, Harold Hippie and especially Goth Gary. Please bring him back. Love the frequent, unprompted updates. Please never stop.

Think that's all. If I can remeber anything else I love about EV, will let you know. Over and out.

"I deny the Holy Spirit" - acrossthepond

Josh: Whoa. I can't possibly say anything that would express our gratitude for these comments. Wow. Many thanks to you!

Fucking around with etc.

i suspected you are not goth either,your trying to fuck with people that actually are gothic.well,if you are a real goth try to word things differently so you wont sound as much like a lier. you are right about certain things,but it seems as if your fucking with people on others.either way its a good story,but try hard not to sound like someone you hate. - cof616

Josh: Sadly, this is one of the more intelligent letters Goth Gary has gotten.

A long-ago mystery solved!

Just to clarify, the letter titled "Ending on a high note", under july 27th's edition of weekly letters (Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana...) refers to a song by the Queens of the Stone Age called "Feel good hit of the summer". Just wanted to say that they rock...a lot, just like EV. Even heard that Clint's mom was in the band at one point, but was kicked out :( - Siddharth

Josh: Ohhhh! Suddenly that letter seems a lot less random (even if it does still have horrendous spelling).


You are like them clown!!!! tu es pitoyable!! - lilith


A sharp-eyed reader.

u reused the nucular bomb pic!! - "X"

Josh: I know, it was just too perfect to not do. We were wondering when we did it if someone was going to call us out on it.

Surprising love.

This site cracks me up...it's like, the funniest goddamn site I've ever seen...I do tech support for cable internet. I read your site while I'm waiting for my customers (mostly mental giants) to stop talking so that I can help them. - Chad

Josh: Thanks to Chad! And this is called "surprising love" because this came to us in the form of a normal email (as opposed to the letter form) with the subject "Thanks, asshole!", which, until we opened it, had us wincing and wondering who we offended this time.

Good wrap-up.

"the coconut doesn't fall far from the tree"
no wonder she's a ditz.
- Ruth

Josh: If we had a "Vaguest Letter" award, this would surely be a candidate.

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